Seashell Nails: Why Are These Not More Popular?!

Seashell Nails: Why Are These Not More Popular?!

A couple of months ago, Kylie Jenner has released her nail polish collaboration with Sinful Colors. Other celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Fergie and Katy Perry have also teamed up with nail polish companies to release the cutest polishes. Those creative cosmetic fusions are great and all, but I'm upset that they are pulling focus away from what really matters in the nail universe—seashell nail art.

This nail trend is perfect for summer days (like today!) and despite the name, it doesn't really require you to plop shells onto your nails, so it is actually pretty do-able.

Let's get swept away in a wave of inspiration by admiring three Instagram works of nail art together. 

1. @kickart_nails

Major ocean inspo from Ang of @kickart_nails. But why aren't there more likes?! It's too pretty to just scroll past. C'mon fellow Instagram users. Pay attention!

Unsurprisingly, these totally make me think of the ocean's beautiful blue shades. And peep the mermaid on her thumb. 

Oh and she also did another super cute nautical-esque set. Ahh! 

2. @princesslexiii

Simple, yet still impressively charming nails from @princesslexiii. The pearly white shell definitely caught my attention. I love the light lilac with tiny silver detail. I also adore the blue and silver glitter nail! Delightfully dainty overall.

3. @nailsbycapps

#beachnails #nailsbycapps #starfishnails

A photo posted by Olivia Capps (@nailsbycapps) on

@nailsbycapps' gorgeous seashell nail art is to-die-for and the square nail shape actually complements the overall aesthetic quite nicely. Extra credit to her for the tiny starfish and gems.

The bottom line is that these nail are just heavenly. Plus, all you'd have to do to spark a beachy daydream if you did these on yourself is glance down at your nails.

Let's all promise to make seashell nail art more commonplace. Please?

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