Shades Of Green: Lipstick Edition

Shades Of Green: Lipstick Edition

I have already done posts on many unusual beauty subjects, including yellow-hued makeup looks, coffee-inspired lipsticks and lilac lips! And now I am here with "shades of green" lip looks.

Honestly, it's not my personal go-to hue, but it's always fun and enjoyable seeing how others wear—and totally kill—it. Besides, my opinion on bright and bold lipstick shades always changes after I stare at enough inspirational snaps. And yours might too!

1. @lamorenamakeup

La Morena Makeup's green waterline and lips are a perfect matching set. I love the amazzzzzing eyeliner so much.  Please tell us which green lipstick you’re wearing, missy?

Update: It is apparently MAC's Zerocool Lipstick!

2. @sarahsargentmua

Sarah swiped on a grungy green lipstick; Sephora Collection's Cream Lip Stain in “Dark Forest”.

Oh and can you believe that she used a MAC lip pencil for her eyes? That soft smoky eye is exceptional.

3. @fridaofficial_

I love the correlating green lips and green eye shadows. The pop in both her eyes, paired with the sparkles of the metallic sheen on her lips, is perfect.

Do I now need the Anastasia Beverly Hill's Lip Palette in my life so that I can dream up my own colorful lip looks? Yes. Yes, I do. 

4. @lilacbat

I just cannot stop expressing how blown away I am by how talented all of these makeup artists are. So breathtaking.

I am very much swooning over Sandra Walter's handiwork! I might have to go replicate this metallic green lipstick mix for myself immediately. 

5. @makeupwithivan

I couldn't simply neglect MINT GREEN, could I? MakeupWithIvan is rocking Maybelline's (I think?) Silken Turquoise Eyestudio® Lasting Drama® Waterproof Gel Pencil AND Cake Cosmetics' "Mermaid".

I really adore the vibrant lips with the grey muted blue/green shadow. This is a "look", if I've ever seen one.

6. @lc.glam

Linda wowed me with the touches of neon lime that she dabbed onto her eyes and lips. Really editorial, you know?

The sea green is a phenomenal dark shade. And, because I know you were wondering, the superb lipstick is Necromancy Cosmetica's “Segunda Plaga”, apparently.

6. @lilmoonchildd

Please YouTube "Snape and Lily soundtrack" as you read this for all the feels. I want to talk about my favourite character in the Harry Potter series, Snape, and why I believe he is the true hero. I think a lot of times in life we look at characters like Harry Potter and see them as a hero without realizing that real life doesn't work like that. We often look at these characters & expect ourselves to be just like them, doing grand things, destroying Voldemort & saving the world. We celebrate these huge accomplishments & devalue smaller achievements which leaves us feeling disappointed in ourselves (ie we didn't win an oscar, we didn't write that best selling book). Today it's not about Harry, but instead it's about my beloved Severus Snape. Snape, in my opinion, is the true hero. He's the underdog, the one who was constantly bullied as a youth at Hogwarts by James Potter & eventually had the love of his life leave him for James. Heartbroken & with a low self esteem he joined the Death Eaters only to realize that they would cause the death of his beloved Lily. Shattered, Snape goes to Dumbledore asking for death, but he has another plan for him. Snape spends his next few years as a double agent for the Death Eaters & the Order of Phoenix. In the end Snape is forced to either kill Dumbledore, the man who always gave him a second chance, or to blow his cover and jeopardize everything. Snape knew Voldemort could never kill Harry with the Elder Wand as the wand belonged to Harry. By keeping this secret Snape eventually died alone at the hands of Voldemort. Snape constantly defended Harry from the shadows & his brave quiet actions enabled Harry to kill Voldemort, yet everyone hated him throughout the series. Snape's character teaches us to be kind, not to judge, that society's harshness sometimes forces people to make hard decisions. That in a world full of chaos and darkness there is always some good. Snape is a true hero and will always have a special place in my heart. #slytherin 🐍❤️ _________________________________________________ MAKEUP DEETS ON PREVIOUS POST (didn't fit here😩)

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The ever-incredible @lilmoonchildd serves up a Snape-inspired look and it is actually much more significant than "just" a very striking makeup creation. Great explanation on why he was actually quite a hero, Yasaman!

The green is a bright lime shade that was created from Kat Von D Beauty’s "Iggy" Metal Crush Eyeshadow. Very cool.

Green lipstick is not the most "normal" of makeup trends, but being in a position where I am tasked with covering these types of matters always reminds me how important it is to be creative. I can confidently say that doing out of the ordinary things is GOOD. 

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