Shimmer, Shimmer: Products For Gorgeous Glistening Lashes

Shimmer, Shimmer: Products For Gorgeous Glistening Lashes

I recently collected some gorgeous photos of Winter Wonderland Worthy Eye Looks from across the Instagram-sphere.

Well, the striking whites, sparkling silvers and vibrant blues have totally inspired me to take a closer look at non-conventional mascara shades. I decided to hunt down a few options for those who are looking to spice up their lashes.

So, here are some products and ideas that you can test out to get gorgeous glistening lashes.

1. Butter London Starlight Electralash Colour Amplifying Mascara

I’ve actually tried a Butter London colored mascara before and loved it, but these Electralash Colour Amplifying Mascaras in Inky Six and Starlight are even more amazing.

Inky Six is a super vibrant blue that will really make your eye color pop and—while I’ve never tried a gold mascara like Starlight—I am super interested in the idea of 24K-inspired lashes.

Bonus: Both shades are currently on sale at the time (at least at the time I am writing this).

2. NYX Color Mascara

NYX   Color Mascara  In "Mint Julip"  ($7)

NYX Color Mascara In "Mint Julip" ($7)

NYX Cosmetics has many awe-inspiring shades of their Color Mascara. There’s a purple, green, pink, blue and even a bright green shade. I actually own two—and while they’re not my favorite mascara formula in the world—I just layer this on top of my normal mascara and it works out splendidly.

(Shriya praised the Pink Petals Mascara before...)

3. White Mascara/Intensifying-Colored Mascara

I could not believe how difficult it was to find a pure white mascara online. But if you’re in a pinch and for some reason need white mascara, my suggestion would be to run out to a local drugstore and get mascara with a white primer end. 

Use the white primer end to coat your lashes in white and then you can get a clear mascara to go on top for long-lasting wear. You can also use the white primer to amp up any colored mascaras you already own.

4. DIY It With Pigments & Glitter

Maybelline   Great Lash® Clear Mascara   (price varies by retailer)

Maybelline Great Lash® Clear Mascara (price varies by retailer)

If you just can’t find the shade of mascara that you’re looking for, another great option is to grab an inexpensive tube of the Maybelline Great Lash® Clear Mascara in Clear (also fab for brows, by the way) and mix in loose eyeshadow pigment and/or some eye-safe glitter for a totally customized lash look.

Not interested in making a whole tube? Apply the clear mascara and press the pigment/glitter onto the lashes before they dry. Just make sure you do this process before working on the rest of your face makeup; it will get messy!

So, what do you think about colored mascara? Are you all about it or will you be passing on this one?

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