Splash: Xuri Cosmetics

Splash: Xuri Cosmetics

We recently chatted with the team behind up-and-coming beauty brand Xuri Cosmetics and are beyond thrilled that we did.


Launched in 2018, by two self-proclaimed makeup lovers, this indie company creates striking, stunning products. And it's increasingly clear that they are ready to make a splash.

Tell us about the most exciting business-related success you have had thus far.

We've only just launched, but the interest and reaction to our first product, The Xuri Eyeshadow Palette, has been amazing!

What is the trickiest part of running a beauty brand? 

Finding a balance between being on-trend in the beauty community and originality.

Beauty trends change and develop so fast and it can be hard to keep up. However, it's important to stay true to your brand. 

Where do you seek creative inspiration?

Mainly from West African prints. Printed fabric is a hallmark of our African culture and part of the inspiration behind Xuri Cosmetics. 

Which eyeshadow hue is your go-to?

We're drawn to all colours, it would be difficult to say if we had a particular favourite. At the moment we're into bold warm hues. 

What upcoming products do you have planned?

We're working on another bold eyeshadow palette for the summer. We'd like to try our hand at off-setting warm and cool tone colours. Picking the African print for the next palette will be super exciting. 

Anything else you'd like to add?

We aim to make our mark in the industry by being original and exciting!

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