Spooky-Sounding Scents: Why Not?

Spooky-Sounding Scents: Why Not?

I really, really enjoy exploring scents. I have no idea why this is the case. I also love a good theme. Not really a secret at this point, right?

So, let's admire some Halloween-worthy perfumes together!

1. Imaginary Authors' A City On Fire

This contains...."Cade oil, Spikenard, Cardamom, Clearwood, Dark Berries, Labdanum & Burnt Match". Does that not sound like a delightfully mysterious mix?!

2. Kelly & Jones' Mezcal Negra

"A blend of smoked woods and mystical spice". Ummm. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. It's positively witchy, alcohol roots aside.

Also, as someone that adores sipping on wine, I am just head over heels that this company exists. Uber-creative.

3. Demeter Fragrance Library's Zombie For Him

I was super determined to not include another Demeter fragrance, since, you know, I have focused on them before, but I just can't help it. Zombies. Brilliant. 

While I am a woman, I inexplicably gravitated towards this earthy, beloved concoction over "Zombie For Her". Oh and there is a "Zombie Dog" in the mix too. 

4. Poesie Perfume's Bewitched

Who wouldn't want to be bewitched? Or bewitching? This alluringly fruity-meets-murky-wonders mix hits all of the right notes.

I was also sorely tempted to talk about the very-much-relevant-to-this-topic Strange Unearthly Thing, but alas; we must move on.

5. Kerosene's Broken Theories

First things first—how nuts is the packing/design? Super. 

Anyway, this is rich and intoxicating. Gloriously gloomy and glamorous. You get the picture, right?

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#FollowFriday: James Anthony

#FollowFriday: James Anthony

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