Sugar & Spice: Kaike's Keli Smith

Sugar & Spice: Kaike's Keli Smith

Keli Smith is the brilliant, bright and bubbly founder of Kaike, a beauty brand whose name has been popping up on the lips of beauty mavericks around the globe lately.

Awed by her positive attitude (and the brand's uber-lovely aesthetic), we sat down with Keli for a little chitchat.

We adore the reasoning behind opting for the name "Kaike"! Did this idea just pop up organically or was it more of an intensive process?

Definitely intentional!  I wanted for the name to be more than just a brand, but a lifestyle.  To me, cake means celebration and fun.  Why can't natural beauty be a celebration? 

What initially inspired you to begin creating your own beauty products?

I used to suffer frequent migraines and, during my third pregnancy, I began to connect the dots that some of my skincare and haircare products could be not only contributing to my migraines, but could also be harmful to my unborn baby.  

I began doing research and unsatisfied with many of the ingredients of "natural" products on the market, I started making all-natural products for my family's use.  At the urging of friends, I began selling them and haven't looked back since.  I also haven't had a migraine in over a year...just sayin'!

Is it ever challenging to craft concoctions, given that you are dedicated to sticking to the all-nature, vegan, cruelty-free route? Or is it just par for the course?

It can be difficult and limiting to the kinds of products I can create, but a commitment that I feel very strongly about.  That commitment forces me to find creative ways to provide beauty solutions without compromising health or well-being.

So many of your brand's offerings sound delicious. Do you have a sweet tooth?

Absolutely!  A good cupcake makes me do a little happy dance.

Do you have a beauty mantra?

Let your light shine through.  For me, this means to not only allow my natural beauty to show under minimal makeup, but to cause my lifestyle to bring glory to God.

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