Superb: The Hair Bakery's Kristal Anderson & Akon Ekpo

Superb: The Hair Bakery's Kristal Anderson & Akon Ekpo

The Hair Bakery is here to stay (they brilliantly "bake up the goods that lets your hair eat nature's goodness"). So, we spoke with co-founders Kristal Anderson and Akon Ekpo to dig into the details of this rising brand. 


What is the most moving reaction to your products you've received thus far? 

While we have been experiencing a vast amount of positive reactions to our all natural hair care line, there have been a few that were such a wonderful reminder of why we continue to work hard to spread the love of our products. A testimony that comes to mind is a customer who vowed to only use our entire product line for 30 days to see if it would help remedy her dry hair. 

To her surprise, not only did our products add the moisture she was looking for, which gave a boost to her hair color and added versatility in hair styles she rocked, but she experienced hair growth she'd never seen before in the areas of her scalp that had been diagnosed with alopecia all of her life. This experience was so motivating and empowering for us!

Why do you do what you do?

(Kristal) From the age 13, I knew I was born to be an entrepreneur. My first company was Kristal's Kalligraphy, which I ran for 3 years of High School.  I was the only student that had sales representatives (a few of my close friends at the time) selling my calligraphy artwork and candy vases for commission! I am always excited to start and operate a company that offers quality, unique services and/or products. 

The Hair Bakery offers a full natural hair care line that must be refrigerated since we only use natural preservatives. This is a very different and unique product than what is currently being offered in the natural hair care industry today and I am so excited to share our hair care line to the world. This and the inspiration that having this company gives to those seeking to live their dream of business ownership is what keeps me going. 

In your wildest dreams, where do you see your brand? 

Our goal is to be celebrated by those who are challenged with extremely dry hair and other challenges, primarily due to their hair type. Hair that grows naturally tightly coiled, typically experience these issues. This hair type is often termed Type 4 or kinky/coarse hair. Women, men and children with this hair type across the country should have our products in their refrigerator because they deserve a product that will moisturize, nurture and love their hair! That's our dream.

Tell us about your daily beauty routine! 

The Hair Bakery product line does all the heavy lifting in my hair care regimen. Therefore, my daily routine is less time consuming and easier than what I ever imagined before transitioning to my natural hair last year.

I wash my hair weekly and clarify it every other week with our Granny's Sweet Apple No Suds Clarifying Shampoo

I spend approximately 2 hours twisting my hair and this is the most time each week that is needed. Since I generally rock two strand twists and twist outs, my daily beauty routine consists of literally taking off my satin bonnet and giving my hair a few pats and lifts and go!

Anything you'd like to add? 

I think it is important for those who are new to The Hair Bakery to understand that our product line is for a specific hair type. It is not for ALL hair types, as a large number of hair care companies like to boast. Our products contain lots of nutrients from oils and butters that you will not get in most other products on the market. 

These products are all about adding moisture to the hair and restoring its overall health by adding ingredients that focus on strengthening and adding elasticity to every hair strand. Coarser/kinkier natural hair types will appreciate this product line.

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