Sweet Simple Scents From Demeter

Sweet Simple Scents From Demeter

Perfume can really be a hit or miss product. Many may disagree with me, but perfume is one of those things that are nice to have, but it is not something you necessarily "need". I polled my followers and found that 70% normally wear a scent, while 30% don’t bother with perfumes or colognes. As for me, I usually only have one or two body mists in my arsenal and I give myself a few spritzes of one before I go out.

Demeter Fragrance Library is an online fragrance specialty store that crafts treats for your olfactory senses; from everyday scents to imaginative treats like “Kitten Fur”, “Pizza” and “Riding Crop”!

Demeter Fragrance Library 's  “Pizza”   ($21.00/1 OZ COLOGNE SPRAY)

Demeter Fragrance Library's “Pizza” ($21.00/1 OZ COLOGNE SPRAY)

Luckily for me, Demeter sent over some samples lovely scents for me to try out! I’m a fan of fruity and floral, so I opted for “Cherry Blossom” and “Between The Sheets”.

First up—"Cherry Blossom"...

Demeter Fragrance Library 's  “Cherry Blossom”   ($40.00/3.4 OZ COLOGNE SPRAY

Demeter Fragrance Library's “Cherry Blossom” ($40.00/3.4 OZ COLOGNE SPRAY

I was absolutely blown away by this scent! Cherry Blossoms (or Sakuras) are unanimously one of the most beautiful and delicate flowers. Travelers flock from all over the world to see them bloom in Japan during the springtime.

I don’t usually like solid floral scents because I find them a little too strong.

However, this one was different, it was not only sweetly floral but had a hint of cherry. It was the perfect combination of flower and fruit! I know a lot of people are going to wonder this because I did, but I do like this a lot more than that popular Cherry Blossom scent from Bath & Body Works, which I find way too heavy.

Now, let's move onto "Between The Sheets".

Demeter Fragrance Library 's  “Between The Sheets”   ($40.00/3.4 OZ COLOGNE SPRAY

I opted for this because it sounded like a fun, delicious scent. And it is!

As it is inspired by the rum cocktail, Between The Sheets, I was really afraid that this perfume would make me smell like the morning after a night out. Thankfully, there was no nose-stinging alcohol aftertaste. Whew.

This perfume was a citrus melody, something of a dance party, where oranges invited guava and passion fruit to tango. It sort of smells like a yummy smoothie in mist form.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the quality of these Demeter perfumes. They definitely lived up to the hype and I’m curious to try some of their more playful and unique scents.

#FollowFriday: Nagumi

#FollowFriday: Nagumi

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