Tested With Love: The Granola Goat's Petal Power Cleansing Grains

Tested With Love: The Granola Goat's Petal Power Cleansing Grains

From the very moment I opened the beautifully packaged box that arrived on my doorstep, I was impressed. Inside were several adorable-looking products for me to try.  

I carefully unwrapped the products from the pink wrapping paper and giddily read the adorable personalized message enclosed in the package. 

This package came from Liz Cardwell, owner and creator of The Granola Goat, a “botanically-based beauty” company based in San Antonio, Texas. The shop sells all sorts of ethically-made and eco-conscious skin and hair care products, many of which are PETA-approved and totally recyclable.

Let's start with my thoughts on the Petal Power Cleansing Grains, shall we?

Out of all the products Liz sent me, I was most excited to try what she calls the “cleansing grains.” The product was looked like purple sand in a bottle. I was intrigued to find out how this bottle of finely grained, all-natural substance would actually cleanse my skin. 

The directions on the bottle said to combine a small amount of the grainy product in your hands or in a bowl with water to make a paste-like substance. After that, you smooth the paste evenly over your face and rinse, just like a cleanser.

The first time I used this product, I made a huge mess. Purple grains got all over my bathroom sink because I poured way too much product out into my palm. However, with a little practice, I was able to figure out the right amount to cleanse my face. The grains wiped up extremely easily from my counter with a wet paper towel with no stains or residue. 

I was not disappointed in the performance of this product! After owning the product for more than four weeks, my skin seemed much calmer. I struggle with acne and while I didn’t notice a huge change in breakout frequency, my skin was much less red and irritated overall.

This product also seemed to balance my skin, as my severely combination skin became less oily over time in the t-zone and less dry on my cheeks and around my nose. 

Liz claims that this product can also be used as a mask, so I wanted to try out that function as well. I mixed the mask with water, spread it evenly over my face and left it on for about ten minutes.

I will say that the mask was a little hard to get off and that I had to use a washcloth as opposed to just water to remove the mask. However, afterwards, my skin felt firmer and extremely clean. I felt like my skin was put into place after scrubbing the mask off. I also loved the purple color and had fun taking selfies while the mask was on my face. 

Overall, I would highly recommend this product to someone looking for a fun, fresh and all-natural way to cleanse their face. My skin experience absolutely no adverse side-effects while using this product and the benefits of balancing and cleansing are worth the $13 price tag to me.

Additionally, this product was really entertaining to use! I felt like I was treating my skin every time I poured out a little bit of the Petal Power Cleansing Grains into my palm.

This is a great, all-natural product for a reasonable price from a great ethically-minded small business. I would recommend this to skin-care lovers everywhere!

A second Granola Goat product review will be up later this week. Until then, stay beautiful.

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