#TestedWithLove: Better Skin Co. (Part One)

#TestedWithLove: Better Skin Co. (Part One)

It can be pretty hard to find a good set of skin care products—and to sort out a routine around these. I know how tough this can be from personal experience.

It’s very frustrating and requires a lot of trial and error (sometimes mostly error). And who wants to experiment when it comes to their skin? 

You might break out with some nasty rashes or something, right before a date and then you’ll have to cancel because pulsating red bumps are not that attractive. Haha. Not that this has ever happened to me…

So anyway, now that I found my perfect skin care routine, I’ve magnanimously decided to share it with y’all.

Call it fate, call it destiny, but I was blessed by some kind of skin god that decided to finally end my torture. I stopped breaking out after high school (except during that time of the month), so my face has been clear-ish the past few years, except for some scarring and hyper pigmentation that sometimes make me feel self-conscious. My parents have great skin, so honestly, where did these awful genes come from? 

I don’t know, but The Better Skin Co. was kind enough to help. They passed along some of their incredible products...and let me tell you: this company is a game-changer.

They sell four products—Zit No MoreLava Magik: Cleanser-Scrub-Mask (yes, you read that right, all three in one), the Mirakle Cream and Epik C Vitamin C Serum. I’ve been using these products everyday religiously since opening the package (which was wrapped in a beautiful, shiny gold packaging, so that was very fancy) and have seen major improvements within weeks.

I’ve been raving about their products online so much these days, my friends think I’m Kylie Jenner. Some of the products are a little expensive but I think it makes sense for a high-end skin care company that is natural and vegan! The size of the products are good for the price, as well.

Let's start with Zit No More and Lava Magik, shall we?

Zit No More comes as a compact rollerball, packed with everything you need to fight breakouts. Salicylic acid works in tandem with tea tree oil and two other essential oils, for a strong (but not rough) treatment.

I would dab some on at night and sleep with it on, but these days, if I have a zit or two, I just pop it on in the morning and my pimples visibly reduce in size by the time I get to campus.

Yup. It works that fast, like ZAP-ZAP-ZAP. One of the comments in their review section says, “I have never had skin this amazing in all m life. Wish I had it as a teen.” And that pretty much sums up how I feel about it.

Lava Magik is aptly named. It is magic; the way it combines a cleanser, scrub and face mask all in one. I think that’s pretty insane, to be honest! The red beads smell like orange and make you feel absolutely invigorated.

You can use a small amount every day as a cleanser, you can use it as an exfoliant, or you can make a paste with it for a face mask! No matter what you do, it works wonderfully! Makes your face look super refreshed and bright. Very gentle on the skin while getting the job done!

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#TestedWithLove: Better Skin Co (Part Two)

#TestedWithLove: Better Skin Co (Part Two)

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