#TestedWithLove: Callio Fragrance

#TestedWithLove: Callio Fragrance

I am in a total rut when it comes to fragrance.  I’ve been using the same vanilla perfume for years (though it is a totally bomb perfume), so I was super excited to get the opportunity to try out a few new fragrances from Callio Fragrance.  I received Tessa, Amelia and Willow!

Because I’m not the best at identifying and describing fragrances, notes and undertones (I leave that to the professionals), I’m going to provide Callio Fragrance’s description of what each scent is and my overall opinion on each one!


Callio Fragrance   Tessa   ($35.00)

“Notes of creamy almond, sweet vanilla, and zesty lemon, our almond cookie fragrance will please your sweet tooth.”

Tessa was a really lovely fragrance that definitely had a very yummy sweet scent, but in a super mature way. Very smooth and buttery and doesn’t have that sharp teeny bopper smell that some cookie-esque scents have. I LOVE shortbread cookies and this 100% smells like them (with a little bit of a fruity lemon icing) so I think the description is super spot on.

A really great daytime perfume; it’s young, sweet and fresh.


"A sweet blend of blackberries, red rose and a touch of vanilla musk."

Amelia is a really delicious fragrance, which for some reason (again totally NOT a scent professional) smells like Cherry Coca Cola to me, after it’s been worn for a little while. Cherry Coke happens to be my favorite soda of life, so I’m a big fan.

Now, my boyfriend is very sensitive to floral scents, so he thinks it smells like berries and baby powder. Still not an offensive aroma by any means, but it does give him a headache if I wear too much.


"Notes of vanilla bean, Bourbon vanilla, Mexican vanilla extract and amber."

I love Willow. It is actually the opposite of my normal go-to. While the one I usually wear is quite smoky and half baked smelling, this one is very light and subtle. I think Willow is more appropriate for serious situations, where smelling like a cake is not so terrific and I am super pleased to be adding this one to my collection!

Overall, I think that these perfumes were all really lovely. I find some scents to be way over the top, but these were very light and fresh scents with good staying powder.  

I will also say is that Callio Fragrance has the perfect travel-size perfumes. I hate roller balls, they’re messy, you can’t spray them in your hair and you really can’t control them well enough to get a light application which is what I like.

But Callio's travel size perfumes are in really high quality bottles with a spray pump that goes all the way to the very bottom so not a drop is wasted. (The bigger bottles are also great, I was just totally in love with the travel perfumes for my purse.)

See you again soon!

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