#TestedWithLove: Honey Bath & Body Body Butters + Bars

#TestedWithLove: Honey Bath & Body Body Butters + Bars

Okay, I can’t deny it any longer: winter is coming and my weak, Californian self is freezing from head-to-toe! My skin was cracked and dry and I was not happy. But now…my skin is soft, rejuvenated and my friends are asking me why I’m glowing in the winter (hint: it’s not just the highlighter!)

Honey Bath & Body is a hero. For real. This is my new favorite company for skin care and bath products. I literally cannot get out of bed in the morning when it’s this cold, but the thought of taking a bath with their body bars gets me right up!

Honey Bath & Body is a small company that actually has a very touching backstory. A mother did not want her 6 children using over-the-counter skin products, which is a very valid concern.

In this day and age, the amount of ingredients and chemicals in products are endless. It’s not healthy and I, myself, am very wary of using chemicals on my skin. That’s why I love this company! It’s all natural, vegan and handcrafted, so you know nothing suspicious is going in.

Every product is presented with so much care and effort, you will definitely fall in love.

Here are some of my favorites!

Their Honey Scrub

Honey Bath & Body   Honey Scrub   ($5/4 oz. & $10/8 oz.)

Honey Bath & Body Honey Scrub ($5/4 oz. & $10/8 oz.)

The Honey Scrub is magic. And it came to me just in time! My skin was so dry from the weather, no matter how much lotion I used.

It was peeling and it was just so painful, not to mention, probably awful looking. Now, I know I should exfoliate more often than I do, but like I said before, I tend to avoid too many chemicals.

Some that I’ve tried were too rough, made my skin worse, or just didn’t work. This scrub uses honey and sugar, along with some oils and butter, to stimulate cell regeneration. I really saw it work!

I washed my face and then massaged this on. Then I jumped in the shower and when I was out, I checked my skin. It was so soft and smooth, with no flaky skin. After a few uses, I noticed that it even lightened some acne scars. So I definitely recommend this product, because it is supposed to work on minor and more severe skin problems.

Their Juicy Body Butter

Honey Bath & Body   Juicy Body Butter   ($13.50/4 oz. & $26/8 oz.)

Honey Bath & Body Juicy Body Butter ($13.50/4 oz. & $26/8 oz.)

I really liked the Juicy Body Butter. First of all, it smells like childhood. Like hard candy, popsicles, warm sunny days and sweet, sticky hands.

The texture of this body butter is really unique. It’s more thick and solidified, but feels very light. It definitely repairs dry or damaged skin. I suggest wearing it at night, especially on your face, hands and feet.

Their Honey Butter

Honey Bath & Body   Honey Butter   (  $13.50/4 oz. & $26/8 oz.)

Honey Bath & Body Honey Butter ($13.50/4 oz. & $26/8 oz.)

The Honey Butter is excellent, especially if your skin is more on the sensitive side. This butter is for everyone—babies and up! It has a lovely, subtle scent that’s perfect for day-to-day or putting a more fragrant perfume over.

The butter is very light, but goes deep into the skin. It uses coconut oil, which is great for softening skin. This butter provides UVA/UVB and anti-oxidant protection. Definitely pick this up!

Their Amber Bar

The Amber Bar has such a comforting scent. It’s an ideal pick-me-up after those cold, long days, when you get lost in a forest even while using a GPS, lose all cell and Internet connection, have car problems and get caught in the rain- well…maybe that’s just me and my terrible luck. Still, this amber bar with a honey base makes for a very relaxing shower!

Their Joe-Joe Bar

I love to use the Joe-Joe Bar in the morning! It kind of smells like coffee and chocolate, and is a great way to wake up. I was actually never a big fan of bar soaps until I used this one. I love its texture.

I think it kind of exfoliates while cleansing. And my skin always feels amazing and soft for a long time after my shower. And I’m definitely glad it’s all-natural.

Funny story, some broke college student ran out of shampoo (not me, definitely not me). It was before a date and her hair was already all wet. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Don’t judge, but she totally used this bar soap on her hair. And it actually looked and felt amazing afterwards! Since it’s all natural, there’s nothing that can damage my—errr, or "her"—hair and it felt really nice and clean, to be completely truthful. So I totally love and trust this product. 

I give this company an A+. Everyone should definitely check it out and treat yourself during this cold season. Also, the holiday season is coming up and these would make amazing presents, for your friends, family and favorite beauty editor (just kidding!). The packaging is super cute and the prices are very reasonable. I promise you’ll love it! Go take a look at their products now.

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