#TestedWithLove: Kapulet (Part One)

#TestedWithLove: Kapulet (Part One)

Kapulet is a really cool company that I am lucky enough to review. From the get-go, I had a lot of respect for them. Their whole philosophy is providing you with good, honest makeup! The makeup is cruelty-free (so the cute 'lil bunnies are safe!) and they just don’t mess with any unethical companies.

These days, I know a lot of y’all are looking for these healthy, socially-conscious brands and Kapulet is a very unique company that you should definitely look into if you want to experience the perks of high-end products at a VERY decent price!

Kapulet was kind enough to send me several items to try. Let's talk about 'em.

The first product is Earth tu FACE's Skin Stick.

Earth tu FACE's Skin Stick - $34   Via Kapulet

Earth tu FACE's Skin Stick -$34 Via Kapulet

I’ve actually never used something like this before, but it’s quickly become one of my favorites. It might seem pricey at the $23.80 (for Kapulet members, that is) mark, but I definitely think it’s worth it, because you can use it for…literally anything. 

I’m really into multi-use products and this is for your face, lips and body. It’s basically a moisturizing balm and everything about it is perfect. I applied it to my skin after a shower and my skin took to it so well, leaving my skin looking radiant. No highlighter either. I was stunned. And my skin felt so, so soft. I use it during the night time, because it is a little heavier than I like for my day-to-day moisturizer.

If you don’t mind something a little thicker though, it actually works really well as a makeup base too! I also used it on my lips and thank goodness I did. My lips get chapped super easily. I bite them when I’m anxious and they’re unfortunately very sensitive to a lot of popular chapsticks. I actually swiped this on my lips a few days ago and haven’t needed anything since. I was sooo impressed and happy to not have bleeding lips.

This stick smells amazing, super "earthy". All the ingredients are natural, like olive oil and beeswax. The Antiseptic Vetiver root is supposed to fade scars and I definitely saw results with my hyper pigmentation. Overall, this product is A+.

So, I know there’s been a lot of discourse in the makeup community about beauty blenders, but I am very devoted to them. I really just hate shopping for makeup brushes because I am not pleased with most of them, plus they don’t blend as seamlessly as I want them to. Beauty blenders are magic because they make you look—and feel—like you’re not wearing anything. The way they distribute product is perfection. I use them a lot for my concealer.

One problem I must admit beauty blenders have is that they take up a lot of product and there can be excess left on the sponge, which you can’t use. Wasteful. To avoid this problem, I just use a smaller amount and then layer a product on. That way, I’m using all of my product on my face. I know people think it’s pricey for a small sponge, but brushes are generally expensive and I think this is one of the best blending tools out there.

Plus, with Kapulet, you get it for a fraction of the price ($14 instead of $20). Seriously, amazing.

Stick around, Part Two will be popping up here soon!

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