#TestedWithLove: Pink Parcel

#TestedWithLove: Pink Parcel

I can pretty much confidentially say nobody likes getting their period. The cramps, weird random cravings and mood swings–nobody should have to deal with that, but unfortunately we can not control mother nature and its natural tendencies. 

Obviously, I am excited to get into the details of my latest review, so let's jump in.

Pink Parcel is actually a monthly period subscription from the UK, but it is now available in the US! I have always been curious about trying out subscription boxes, but I have also been a bit hesitant since I hate the idea of paying for products that I might not end up even touching.

However, with a period subscription, I'm 99% sure I'll be using everything that shows up on mu doorstep! I was lucky enough to try out this exclusive “International Women’s Day Parcel”.

The cute pink pouch is “for now” and inside included 5 tampons and 5 panty liners. The pouch is perfect for carrying any of your period items (or storing anything, actually)

The “For Night” box included 5 overnight pads, which are very useful for heavier flows!

I thought the “For You” box was the cutest; this month’s subscription box was themed around “International Women’s Month”. Amazing!

Inside was 30ml of Dr. Botanicals' Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil, I have been loving this rose oil. It smells otherworldly, okay? 

Next up? The Optiat Coffee Scrub, which is fun and messy way to detox your body while you’re in the shower!

Last, but not least, we have the Balance Me Hyaluronic Plumping Mist, a beauty buy that can and should be used to moisturize the skin throughout the day.

There was also a rose tea bag and a little treat; chocolate coconut bites from Ape. Had never heard of this brand before so I was thrilled to try it!

Oh and the “For Later” box was filled with 7 tampons and 8 regular/standard pads for the next monthly cycle.

Overall, I would highly recommend subscribing to Pink Parcel. In this one subscription box, I received a handful of pads and tampons which I can use for my next cycle; so worth it!

What else? Well, I was able to get a good ratio of pads to tampons to beauty items! The goodies and beauty products were a nice touch that made me feel extra special during that time of month.

The package itself and its beautiful presentation made me fall in love and almost forgot about the not-so-nice parts of having my period.

Thank you so much to Pink Parcel.

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