#TestedWithLove: Poesie Perfume's Thornfield Collection

#TestedWithLove: Poesie Perfume's Thornfield Collection


Poesie Perfume is an adorable little brand whose offerings will remind you of nostalgic fall days, traveling and days spent reading in bed. With their clever names and fresh, sweet scents, Poesie Perfume has definitely captivated me.

A few months ago, they rolled out their Thornfield collection and I was lucky enough to sample these Jane Eyre-inspired gems.

Let’s check out my favorites.

1. Bewitched

Smells just like its name. A little sweet, a little naughty. But definitely makes for a fun, flirty time. The fragrance was so different and intriguing, I had to look up the ingredients. I’ve never seen yellow apple used in a perfume, but I really like the touch it gives. And apparently there’s cauldron smoke as well! No wonder Bree was so enchanted.

2. Marble Kiss

I am a sucker for scents with sandalwood, so I adore this sweet fragrance; it's like bottled love. The flowery scent is perfect. Not overbearing, but just lingers invitingly on the surface of your skin.

3. No Bird

This earthy scent is so spirit-lifting and lovely. I can just hear the crunch of fall leaves when I dab some on my wrists. 

4. Sir

If you’re looking for something a tad less femme, I’d recommend this one. It smells a bit smokey, a bit dark, a bit rugged. This moody, sultry scent is great for autumn! 

5. Thornfield

This calls to mind memories of reading outdoors by the light of the campfire. It’s getting chilly; definitely time for s'mores, songs and this spicy scent. Recognize the name, Jane Eyre fans?

6. Tiny Phantom

My personal favorite! It smells like cupcakes and a particularly fantastical fever dream. It’s very girly and tantalizing, so definitely wear it on your next night out!

I found all of these to be so cute and delightful! Definitely a nice way to cheer yourself up in this cold. I think they have a good amount of fragrance; it’s not overbearing. But the scents last all day and are so unbelievably alluring.

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