Thanksgiving Makeup: Say Yes To Starting Early

Thanksgiving Makeup: Say Yes To Starting Early

Un-fun fact...being an American abroad makes for a pretty sorry Thanksgiving. Can't confirm that 100% yet, but, you know, it's an American holiday and is therefore (and correctly so, I guess) mostly ignored in other areas of the world.

But the good news is that this has caused me to be more thankful than ever for my years and years of incredible Thanksgiving memories in America. Eating way too much mashed potatoes and stuffing. Sipping on bubbling apple cider and watching classically corny movies with my loved ones. Insisting on stopping at Starbucks on the inevitable last-minute grocery store for one damn item. 

Anyway, I am now living vicariously through other people's festivities and this includes falling in love with Thanksgiving-appropriate makeup looks. Here are five of my current favorites from around the Instagram-sphere.

1. @beautybound117

Coming from YouTuber Carol, this sparky look is darling, dashing and delightful. It's very, very holiday-esue and I am all about it.

2. @sphynxsith

I love fall weather🍁🍂 #motd #motn #mua #thanksgivingmakeup

A photo posted by D I A N A | N G U Y E N (@sphynxsith) on

This prettily plum look is so lovely. It is a little different than all of the other—admittedly amazing—"fall" makeup looks you see floating around these days, so kudos to Diana for this one.


Holiday Glam - Video will be up tomorrow 😘😃

A photo posted by Really Mili (@reallymili) on

I'll admit that I was first enchanted by this photo because of the rainbow hair component, but I digress. The ultra-long lashes and the red lip are a perfect pair. Want to copy this? I did too, which is how I know that this tutorial exists.

I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this snap from allthingskarenn. Why? Because I am pretty sure that this is the makeup look I am going to copy come November 24th!

5. @bynatalia_

Much like MirandaI am typically not a fan of "nude" lips, but this smoky eye and barely-there pink lip combo from bynatalia has me slowly coming around to this ever-popular trend. I also dig this teal green and nude lip look, for what it's worth.

Go make me proud out there. And feel free to share your picks with me via Twitter or Instagram (which I justtttt joined). 

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