The Bizarre Lengths We Go To For Long Eyelashes

The Bizarre Lengths We Go To For Long Eyelashes

Long glamorous eyelashes are probably my favorite beauty feature. They frame the eyes and make them look lifted, defined and younger. But when you’re stuck with fine stick-straight eyelashes (like me!), obtaining the perfect lash look can be a bit of a struggle.

Here are a few bizarre beauty fixes the world has come up with to obtain perfect looking lashes. I’m dying to try all of them.

1: Flirt Cosmetics' “Flashes” Lash Applicator

Flirt Cosmetics ' “Flashes” Lash Applicator  ($28)

Flirt Cosmetics' “Flashes” Lash Applicator ($28)

Flirt’s “Flashes” Lash Applicator is an individual eyelash applicator that is absolutely genius. Nothing is more time consuming than putting on individual lashes with the traditional glue and tweezers method. I always end up dropping the lashes while doing my makeup in my usual half-awake morning state. This magical device has the lash dispensed and ready to go for you, just dab glue on the lash, place and gently pull. It seriously reminds me so much of those White Out dispensers, where you just press and drag.

2: Eyelash Perms

Eyelash perms are such a curious and horrifying thing to me. I saw iamKayElle's video on this before and it’s, again, horrifying but for some reason I still want to give it a try? 

You stick your eyelashes onto a weird squishy roller and then apply chemicals to curl them and then a solution to wash the chemicals off afterwards. Has anyone tried this? Let me know on Twitter if you have, I need to know more!

3: Magnetic Eyelash Strips

This is another insane invention that I’ve seen floating around the Internet recently. Behold, One Two CosmeticsOriginal Lash Eyelash Strips.

This invention says that you can achieve a false lash look with no glue or adhesive needed (my dream come true). From what I can tell, there are two sets of magnetic lashes that sandwich themselves onto your natural lashes and hold together. Science is amazing.

4: Eyelash Extensions

I have a whole tutorial on how to DIY lash extensions (Part 1 and Part 2 even). After even more practice and skill, I’m an even big supporter of eyelash extensions.  

I have amazing-looking lashes 24/7 for about 2 weeks before I re-do them. The process takes me about 20 minutes now and it’s much cheaper than getting them done. I love them, but I definitely feel like a weirdo having to explain why my lashes look so great. "You put extensions on your eyes?!" Yes. Yes I do.

I'm off to go explore more eyelash extension options. Until next time!

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