The Bold: J'allure Beauty's Jaelyn Suitt

The Bold: J'allure Beauty's Jaelyn Suitt

J'allure Beauty is a rising beauty brand whose lipstick selection is to-die-for (though it is worth mentioning that they have also branched out into other glittering cosmetic areas). It is owned and operated by the indelible Jaelyn Suitt.

We recently chatted it up with this entrepreneur...

You are dedicated to creating harsh-chemical-free products. When did you decide to forsake certain harmful ingredients?

Before I created my own business I was wearing a lot of lipsticks from the beauty supply store (I was broke, and they were cheap). They would look super good on but after a while they started to break me out. If you know me, you know that lipsticks are me!

I was super sad because they were actually great pigmented lippies. It was either my junior or late sophomore year in college is when I decided to start my own line. I wanted it to be affordable and definitely cruelty-free; those were my top two things when planning. Every single product on my website is cruelty-free. Most of them are even handmade by myself. 

It seems that you are pretty passionate about pigments! Are you ever able to test out prospective products?

One of the trickiest parts about running my own beauty shop is actually keeping up with the latest trends. The beauty community is so wide that it constantly has new trends and new products everyday. I like to try to stay up-to-date with what’s hot, while also trying to keep my brand different from the norm. 

In your opinion, what is the trickiest part of running a beauty shop?

I always work on a product months before launching it. This is to ensure that they’re high quality and top-notch products.

How do you to choose which beauty buy to focus on next?

Usually, I would ask my friends to try out my samples and they would give me their input on what I should launch next. Or sometimes I’ll just add it to the site and go with the flow.

What is your go-to fall makeup look?

My fall go-to look is a dark lippie; at the moment I’ve been wearing our “Rude Gyal”. I’ll pair it with a wispy lash and my signature winged eyeliner.

When I feel like wearing eyeshadow I’ll usually reach for my Juvia’s PlaceMasquerade Palette” and create any look from there. I love all of their shadows, super-pigmented!  

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