The Cost Of Chasing Perfect Hair: A Collective Calculation

The Cost Of Chasing Perfect Hair: A Collective Calculation

Whether it’s short hair, long hair, straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair—we love every and all luscious locks! From powdered wigs to straight edge bobs, the world of hairstyles is vast and ever changing. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, metallic hair tattoos are the latest trend at music festivals, along with celebs sporting perplexing braids that must have taken hours to complete. It’s no surprise that the world is absolutely enamored with hair! But, it might be surprising how much it actually costs to keep up that hair maintenance.

A few of my fellow lovelierie ladies and I decided to investigate and calculate how much it costs us to care for our respective heads of hair. Are you ready for this? Can I get a drum roll, please? All of our hair care products including shampoos, conditioners, straighteners, curlers, and the like came to a heart stopping…$343.29! And keep in mind that this is only for FOUR people.

Here’s a breakdown:



"My boyfriend of two years and counting has never seen my natural hair color. I joke around about it sometimes, ‘What are you talking about? If I have children they’re going to have heads full of red hair just like me!’

Red, long, straight hair was always what I had envisioned for myself. I grew up with a short boy cut most of my childhood, so when I finally had the chance, I took a cue from Rapunzel and let down that long hair. My hair has always been one of those things that people immediately notice about me. One of the strangest compliments I’ve ever received is that my hair reminded them of the soft sample hairs dangling besides boxes of hair dye at drug stores.

Needless to say, it’s not the cheapest thing to maintain. I always aim for gentler hair products for colored hair and all things detangling because long hair loves to behave very knotty!

All of the products pictured above costs a total of around $47. I routinely color my hair every three months (I’ve never been a fan of showing my roots). At the salon I frequent in Chinatown, a color and cut costs $75. This would bring my total to a jaw-dropping $122!”



"My hair isn’t exactly aspirational, but that doesn’t mean that my personal pursuit of pretty locks has been cheap. However, two years ago, I decided to stop dying my hair and you wouldn’t believe how much money this choice has saved me since I am no longer wrecking and then scrambling to try to revive my hair every few months.

That said, I should climb off of my high horse right about now and admit that, even just tallying up the hair products that I use at least once a week, my hair product net worth (or whatever) is around $55.98. That isn’t a huge number, but it is still way higher than I would have estimated, considering I only use shampoo, conditioner and a hair straightener.

Also, I have no idea where it came from, but there is an InfinitiPRO by Conair® 1”– ½” Curling Wand sitting in my hall closet, so maybe I should technically tack an additional $21.99 to my previous total. Which brings my grand total to $77.97."



“I have a lot of hair. Like, a lot. It’s very thick and abundant and long, but it’s honestly not hard to take care of. The major thing I do to keep it healthy is to only wash it twice a week, so it doesn’t get greasy. I also let it air dry so I don’t put it through unnecessary heat and also because I’m lazy. Point is, when it comes to products I only use the basics; shampoo and conditioner. However, ever since I decided to go ombre about two years ago I added an extra shampoo to the mix, to target color specifically.

So two shampoos plus conditioner gives us a grand total of $22! [crowd cheers] It’s good to know it doesn’t take too much sacrifice from my wallet to control my mane.

But once in a blue moon when I do straighten my hair, I use Remington’s Diamond Ceramic Shine 1” Flat Iron Straightener which is also super affordable so I have no problem adding the $19.99 to my count.”



"I was both blessed and cursed to inherit my mother’s super stick-straight, shiny, easy to manage, don’t-even-usually-have-to-brush-it-it’s-so-straight, stereotypical Asian hair type.

This is wonderful because on a weekly basis I can get away with only shampooing and conditioning once every couple days and nothing else. I use a super luxurious $1.19 shampoo, based entirely on the fact that it smells like strawberries and cream, whichpaired with vanillafulfills my desire to always smell like cupcakes.

That being said…every rose has its thorns and my hair refuses to cooperate for anything other than just laying flat. This leads to me pile on products to get my hair to have volume, curl, or just be generally interesting. So what’s the cost of chasing interesting hair…$101.33. Yikes.

This includes the Remington T|Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand ($29.99) and Conair's Infiniti Pro Flat Iron ($29.99) that I use to curl my hair or add soft waves.

My full retail price was a little bit of a shocker! Though in my defense I always wait for a BOGO sale at my local Ulta when buying products and I use their usual $5 off coupon to get my heat styling tools."

Inspired to go grab your calculator and crunch some numbers? Sweet. Be sure to let me know how horrifyingly high (or brag-worthy-ingly low) your hair care cost is via Twitter.

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