The Cut & Color King: Leslie Henshaw

The Cut & Color King: Leslie Henshaw

Leslie Henshaw is an increasingly buzzed-about hairstylist who transforms the locks of models and clients as the Head Colorist at Next Hair. And his work is truly applause-worthy.

Because we are the kind of beauty-obsessed people you know us to be, we chatted with Leslie about all things hair.

Which client end-result are you proudest of so far?

I think that's a hard question because we do some many clients a day and I always strive to give clients the best end result I can!

My favourite ends results are when clients really go out on a limb do something completely different and it pays off and they love it.

Over-the-top, unique looks seem to be your forte. How do you decide what to attempt next?

To be honest, a lot of the unique looks in my collection are made up on the day. Setting yourself a strong theme for photographic work is important and then you let your mind wander from there. 

What (haircare) words of wisdom should everyone try to live by?

If I could only give two pieces of advice it would be use a heat protector every day. And when your colorist says that they can't bleach your hair, LISTEN. There is a reason they are telling you that!

Who is your dream hair model?

Ruby Rose. She seems as though she is experimental and up for most things and she is a total babe! Got to help style her for a fashion week 3 years back and she was really down to earth.

Anything else you’d like to add?

The biggest thing about this industry in general is to never stop trying and never stop learning.

I've entered and finalized in lots of big comps and haven't taken home the trophy but I never stop because of the growth you experience every time.

Follow Leslie on Instagram! His snaps are like a behind-the-scenes pass. 

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