The Dazzling Sarah Sookraj

The Dazzling Sarah Sookraj

Sarah Sookraj is a makeup artist whose daring beauty explorations (which she chronicles on her YouTube channel) endlessly dazzle us. Truly, she is a master of makeup magic.

As such, we just had to chat with her to get her thoughts on a handful of cosmetic-related queries.

What first led you to pursue a career in the world of cosmetics?

When my son was born, his dad and I had no one to look after him. This made it difficult for me to go back to work, so we decided that I would become a stay-at-home mom. This proved to be struggle as there was only one income at the time. A friend of mine came over one afternoon and started telling me about this makeup palette which later on my hubby purchased secretly for me as a Christmas present.

That started my love affair with cosmetics. I have always been artistic so the necessary skills were there and as time went by I began to fall in love with the artistry of transformation. I started my business by selling those palettes and that eventually led to a few customers of the store asking me for advice on how to use the cosmetics. What started as simple customer support turned into a passion and ultimately into a career as a Makeup Artist.

How do you define "beauty"?

Beauty, to me, is defined not only as a person's exterior facade, but rather a description of ones whole being. It's gentleness, kindness, humility, positiveness and having a compassionate soul. When one is beautiful on the inside it shows on the outside. There's a glow that radiates from within that cannot be attained by any superficial product. 

Tell us about your most terrifying makeup or beauty experience.

A few years ago I had a house call client who was located in a very underpopulated area. When I arrived, she was behaving strangely, almost fanatically. She started to tell me that she looks at my YouTube videos on repeat and that she wants to BE me. At that point I was a bit uneasy but proceeded with the application.

When asked what look she wanted she took out her cell phone and proceeded to scroll through at least several saved of photos of me saying that she likes to look at them. She settled on a look and we started, at the end she asked me to pause so she could apply her contact lenses. When she came back she had on the grey contacts I sometimes wear in my videos, instructed me to place a fake stud on her upper lip to mimic my Monroe piercing and asked me if she looked like I did in the picture. I turned on my GPS at that point (just in case my husband had to come find me), finished up and quickly left. I have never worked with her again, obviously.

Which do you prefer: bold eyes or bold lips?

Both. It depends on the occasion and the amount of time I have to get dressed actually! Bold eyes take longer as there are more steps involved and in my opinion a bold lip can create the same effect without sacrificing time.

What is your all-time favorite makeup product?

Mascara. I think mascara is such an overlooked beauty product. Just two coats can help open up smaller eyes, make you look wide-awake and perky. 

Anything else you'd like to add?

Beauty is not only superficial. My dedication to this industry stems from a love and need that God has placed upon my heart to help women overcome their lack of confidence. One of the saddest things about my job is that women sit in my chair and immediately start pointing out all their flaws that they need covered. This breaks my heart sometimes, because as an artist my nature is to see the beauty in all things.

I have started a campaign to do my part, no matter how little, to help change this. I call it "Pretty Hurts". .The concept is to help give women who have been through stressful/traumatic experiences a platform to speak about their journey, to be able to help others understand that no matter what they are facing, whether it be depression, abuse or something else, there is a light at the end of a tunnel. We can walk in God's grace and beauty in spite of our circumstances.

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