The Dweeb Diva: Sarah Ledgister

The Dweeb Diva: Sarah Ledgister

Sarah Ledgister is a model, blogger, cosplayer and, perhaps most importantly to us, a makeup artist and beauty editor (for Dweeb Divas, none the less).

Needless to say, we jumped at the chance to chat with her. 

What is it about beauty and fashion that enchants you?

Beauty and fashion are excellent outlets for creativity and self-expression. I love to play around with how I look. Some days, I'll feel like something very gothic, some days I want to be super kawaii and other days I want something simple. I don't think you should have to restrict yourself to just one style. All that matters is you have a passion for the style, do your research, and have fun with it! 

Who do you look to for makeup inspiration or tips?

Oh gosh, so many! Back when I was in highschool I used to follow Sugarpill founder Shrinkle's blog back when she just had her clothing line. She would post all these amazing photos of fashion events/parties and everyone was dressed so colorfully and cool.

I really wanted to dress more creatively! Unfortunately I was stuck with hand-me-downs, cheap drug store makeup with disappointing pigmentation and the few MAC eyeshadows I could afford.

I also watched xSparkage, Petrilude, Michelle Phan, Makeup Geek and many others on YouTube. Their videos really taught me a lot and I'm actually quite grateful they started their own channels. I did go to makeup school as well to pursue makeup artistry and I think learning and practicing from their videos gave me a great start when I began my makeup classes. Some of them might not be doing YouTube videos as much these days, but it's nice to look at some of their older videos. There are a lot more amazing makeup artists/gurus online now, but these are the ones I kinda "grew up" with. 

I'm also a huge fan of Pat McGrath and Timothy Hung. Pat McGrath is an absolute legend and Timothy Hung really loves to experiment with more than just cosmetics for his looks.

Do you consider yourself a "Dweeb Diva"? 

Of course! I started playing my first Nintendo game as young as I was able to hold a controller. Unfortunately, for a very long time I didn't know many girls that liked games (seriously, where were you all hiding?) so I often had to put up with rowdy boys just to play a game of Smash Bros or something.

Games were heavily marketed towards a male audience and female gamers felt ignored for a pretty long time. But, a lot has changed over the years. Geek/gamer t-shirts used to only be in men's sizes and now it's progressively easier to find sizes and styles for the ladies.

With a few Google searches you can find all kinds of accessories both official or fan-made. There's so much awesome merchandise available now! Cosplay has also transformed from a closet geek's hobby (often seen as something weird or obsessive) to a well-respected art. Being a geek and being into fashion and makeup doesn't have to be exclusive from each other. I mean, it's an old stereotype and I think a lot of us are past that now. Like what you like and enjoy it!

Tell us about the best beauty secret you've ever uncovered.

Well, with the internet it's kind of hard to keep a beauty secret, secret. One thing I think isn't mentioned often enough is sanitization.

If you're an aspiring makeup artist or just someone who really likes makeup, it's pretty important! Keep your brushes clean, don't dip your brushes into your creams/gels/lipsticks (use a metal spatula to scoop some out instead) and spray your pressed powder palettes a bit with 70% rubbing alcohol to kill off any bacteria.

Personally, I like to add a few drops of tea tree oil to my rubbing alcohol. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and the oil keeps your palettes from getting "dried out" from the alcohol. You can use it to clean other tools like your eyelash curlers.


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