The Green Goddess: Jennifer Freitas

The Green Goddess: Jennifer Freitas

Jennifer Freitas is the powerhouse behind The Truth Beauty Company. Her passion for green, cruelty-free beauty is nothing short of amazing and she is a Holistic Skin Care Consultant. So really, it was only a matter of time before we interviewed her, right?

"The Truth Beauty Company" is such a fabulous name choice. How did you decide upon it (and why)?

It really captures the essence of what I wanted my company to be about. I love beauty, and believe things are most perfect in their most natural state; hence "Truth Beauty".

What inspires you?

My own goal to be a better person; it's literally something I think about with every action I make. Am I choosing products for my store that are going to please people? Am I buying products that I think will benefit the planet, leave it in a better state than before? Am I raising a social consciousness through the work that I am doing?

Every action will have an implication - for our economies, for our planet, for our own well-being—and I try to make the chain of connections in my head before making decisions so that I am always doing something that I think would improve myself and the world around me.

How to you handle hurdles?

To be honest, this is something that is a work in progress for me! Real talk! Seriously, I internalize a lot of stress as I hold very high expectations for myself. However, I realize this and realize I need tools to help me remain calm and focused.

I try to take deep breaths and walk away when the hurdle is in front of me. I know if I give myself time to clear my head, I can often find solutions.

Also, yoga is a huge part of my life and where I am able to clear my head and while, I am not thinking of 'hurdles' while practicing, that empty head space happens to offer clarity, I am always re-energized after a practice.

Since you are a "Holistic Skin Care Consultant", we can't help but pump you for a bit of advice! What is your all-time favorite skincare product?

There are soooo many good products out there! Let's go with a cult classic though...Egyptian Magic; super simple, hardly any ingredients but there is something about it that just leaves my skin feeling so soft and plump!

Egyptian Magic  4oz Jar  ($39)

Egyptian Magic 4oz Jar ($39)

Plus, it also has all these amazing healing benefits due to all the bee awesomeness (pollen, royal jelly and propolis), so if I experiencing a patch of dermatitis due to winter weather, Egyptian Magic zaps it. It's amazing and so versatile! I can use it for my hands, to add shine to a make-up look and I have even used it to treat the dry ends of my hair. 

You are a big proponent of supporting small and local shops. Could you clue us in to 3-5 under-the-radar brands (beauty-centric or not) that everyone should know?

Love the indie brands. I would even say, it's how the whole 'Green Beauty' movement started!

Belmondo (from Vancouver) has been a long time fave of mine. Their moisturizer, 'The Cloud' is amazing - it absorbs quickly yet really hydrates, makes your skin as soft as what a cloud might feel like.

I also adore their exfoliant, 'The Dunes'; the sphereical jojoba beads are gently yet effective at sloughing dead skin and the creamy base the product is in leaves your skin moisturized and not stripped of any oils.

Shamanuti is another line people should know about especially as the line offers a lot, meaning they can cater to many skin-types (dry, mature, acneic, etc.). Their activated charcoal cleanser is amazing. It really detoxifies and deeply cleanses, yet is uber gentle.

Their moisturizers are also a personal favorite of mine, particularly Crème No.1. Plus, the smell! Literally, it's what heaven smells like, I am sure!

Next up is one I am dying to try! I am expecting our first shipment in a matter of weeks and I simply can't wait! BKind is a new Canadian line we are bringing in from Montreal. One of my True Beauties was raving about it so I asked to see it/feel it. I am all about the balms right now and theirs felt amazing. And so did their Cranberry Seed Facial Scrub. It felt balmy, yet it offers a deep exfoliation.

It really is an exciting time for the industry. Innovation is happening so fast; formulators really are upping their game and using incredible and effective ingredients, while matching textures and performance of conventional brands.  

What is the most common skincare mistake you've noticed when doing skincare consultations? 

I would say there are two very common mistakes and they both have to do with stripping the skin; over-washing and not using a toner. Especially those with oily skin. They tend to over-wash.

It's a misconception that oil is bad for our skin. But our skin is actually a delicate balance of oils and water, so when it's stripped it stresses the skin; it becomes prone to irritation, dryness and excessive oil production and all these factors equal skin havoc.

Skipping a toner is also not a great idea. Toners are made of nourishing plant waters that either offer astringency as a benefit (great for oily folks) or are balancing or are nourishing and cell stimulating (make sure you familiarize yourself with the different type of toner ingredients to ensure you choose the right one for you skin type). Toners also help your moisturizers reach deeper levels of the dermis, thus adding more healing benefit to the use of your serum and/or moisturizer.  


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