The Innovator: Shanna Tellerman

The Innovator: Shanna Tellerman

We recently had a splendid interview with Shelley Costantini, who is the co-founder of up-and-coming skincare brand S4 Skincare. The other co-founder of this increasingly beloved company is Shanna Tellerman, whose list of accomplishments is absolutely amazing.

We were lucky enough to have her answer a few questions for us. 

What is your favorite thing about creating skincare products?

I have become obsessed with before and after photos! Our customers have been encouraged to share their skin journey with us and I have been fascinated by the results.

Shelley told us about a skin sin that she had committed when we chatted with her (running around sans sunscreen long ago). Have you committed any skincare faux-pas and, if so, what do you to to "right this wrong"?

My "faux-pas" go back a long time! I began running when I was 16 and I could never find a sunscreen that didn’t drip into my eyes and make them sting throughout my run, so I made a terrible choice and didn’t use sunscreen on most of my runs. Ever since we launched our Simplified SPF 30 Protection I have been able and willing to wear our sunscreen on my runs. It doesn’t sting and it stays strong even after mile 11!

Your background in the tech/start-up realm must come in handy! What would you say is the most important lesson that you have learned when it comes to the "beauty business" thus far?

I love the fact that we have physical products that people can hold, touch and apply. The tech industry centers around the speed of innovation in a mostly digital world and sometimes the things we build can feel so abstract. 

In the beauty industry, all the physical details matter; here we spend countless hours deciding on the packaging, product texture and smell in order to get each part just right.

How do you define "beautiful"?

Beautiful to me is nature. I’m naturally drawn to the outdoors and enjoy being close to nature. Especially on my runs, I try to absorb the greenery and flowers when they’re in bloom.

When we first decided to launch the S4 Skincare line I was excited to pack the products with plant-based ingredients. We also chose packaging that is easy to recycle and we repurpose shipping material whenever possible. I love that part of our mission at S4 is to create beautiful skin and a beautiful environment!

Anything else that you'd like to add?

One of my favorite parts of co-founding S4 Skincare is the fact that we help animals. Personally, I have two furry family members from the Animal Care and Control here in SF. They make me smile every day! Shelley has one at home, too.

So, it was obvious when we first began that we wanted to take a percentage of our profits and donate towards organizations that support animal welfare. I believe it was Gandhi who said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” If everyone does their part to contribute towards goodness, the possibilities are endless.

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