The Original Milk Girl: Milk Makeup Cofounder Georgie Greville

The Original Milk Girl: Milk Makeup Cofounder Georgie Greville

Georgie Greville is a bonafide badass. Not only has she spearheaded an array of mold-shattering creative projects—including writing and directing films, videos and commercials alongside Geremy Jasper—she is also the co-founder of Milk Makeup

Being, you know, us, we just had to get her take on a few beauty-related topics. And, not to pop any surprise bubbles, but she is somehow even cooler than you're imagining her to be right now. 

The origins of Milk Makeup must be pretty interesting. When did the idea to start this line first arise? 

There was always casual talk between Zanna, Rassi (the cofounder of Milk) and I about doing something in beauty...but what? Having had 8 years’ experience writing and directing for many different brands at LEGS,  Milk's in-house creative production house, I was able to apply my skills and personal connection to Milk to the voice and creative direction of the brand. I had worked on many different types of projects for Milk from creative directing events to directing long-form fashion films so I was constantly honing my understanding of Milk as an entity. 

After spending some time writing and sussing out the beauty world, it became very clear to me that the special thing about Milk is the people in its community. We have this really unique, palpable creative energy at Milk because it is one of the only places in New York/LA where the best of the best in beauty, fashion, art, film and music mingle with street kids and everyone in between. There is just an inspired, tenacious, productive spirit that permeates everything and the individuals that gravitate to us are a uniquely modern brand of people- super ambitious and driven, savvy, stylish and fun. 

What did it take to actually bring this idea to fruition?

I built a brief around the concept of a Milk Girl's Makeup Line and Rassi and I pitched it together for about 8 months before we got real interest. Rassi and I took a lot of meetings and honed in the brief more and more until the vision crystallized.

We met with the head of Sephora at the time without having any product samples and she was interested. It was then that we knew we were on to something! We started building the product team and got lucky with the perfect partners that really understood the concept and brought it to life in the form of incredible, fresh, modern formulations and packaging. 

Tell us about your personal beauty philosophy.

I am a real hippie with my skin care and what I eat and am super into organic, natural products. With makeup, I try to be as natural as possible while still getting the effects I need. I have a 2 1/2 year-old kid, so I am usually pressed for time. I was a pretty low-maintenance tomboy before, but now I can apply all my makeup in under 5 minutes. So I guess my personal beauty philosophy would be high-maintenance nutrition and skincare, low-maintenance makeup. I also truly believe that yoga/ meditation, laughing and giving and receiving love makes an impact on your beauty as a person. 

The Milk Makeup mantra is Milk Girls Do Their Makeup Quick. It just says it all. Milk Girls (and Boys!) are modern individuals with busy schedules, great taste and high standards. They curate every choice they make in order to be more true to themselves and streamline their life. Because of the thought they put in to who they are and what they like, they are surrounded by useful products that work and therefore are able to get ready super quick. We also call this kind of lifestyle High Concept, Low Maintenance; thoughtful intentions with efficient, chic results. 

What propels you to create?

I am innately addicted to the feeling of putting ideas in to motion. Simply put, I love making things happen and convincing other people to believe in a concept. There is something so beautiful about the shared energy in a true collaborative project like this. We are all pushing the ship forward. I am still pinching myself that Milk Makeup happened and is a real thing in the world when it was once just a 30-page brief I wrote. 

Can you spill any secrets about upcoming projects or launches? Pretty please?

We have some really amazing products coming out in August- some skin-loving oils with SPF balanced with some fun party looks. We are also constantly expanding the lifestyle side of our brand both in new product offerings and video content, so that is ongoing.


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