It's A Thing: The Polka “Not” Nail Trend

It's A Thing: The Polka “Not” Nail Trend

As a child, I was obsessed with polka dots. Any size, any color, on anything; I just absolutely loved polka dots. And I still do to this day!

While they're super adorable and basically like wearing instant cheeriness, covering yourself in polka dots can sometimes look a little kindergarten-esque.

So, I have found the next best thing, which I’m calling polka ”not” nail art. All the fun of dots, but without the 7 year-old--vibe. 

Here are three of my top picks from Instagrammers.

1. @wangs_nail

왱's nail #셀프네일 #nails💅 #nailart #내손 #naildots #dotnails

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This is a chic(but still super playful) way of incorporating dots without going totally overboard. You can mix and match fun colors and it’s a unique look that’s not too tricky to create on your own.

2. @robinthemurr

These are probably my favorite and I’m going to try them out for myself ASAP. 

They remind me of the audio spectrum things that I see when my boyfriend works on making music, so if you’re a music lover or a festival-goer, they’re a definite must-try.

3. @seika_watanabe

These nails are ultra-modern, sophisticated and they’re a great way to get your adult polka dot fix in.  You could include the accent nails, do all nails with a single dot or adorn every nail with multi-dots. Options galore!

I personally would opt for all of my nails to be as lovely as the gray accent nail here.

Go grab a pencil and start experimenting with dots. If you come up with any cool designs make sure to tag @lovelierie on Instagram so I can stop by and admire your work!

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