The Potion Queen: Lorraine O'Regan

The Potion Queen: Lorraine O'Regan

Lorraine O'Regan is the founder of Walker Johnston, a burgeoning beauty empire that is bringing incredible products to the masses by way of Victor Skincare.

We recently spoke with her about a few things and are so glad that we did!

What is your all-time favorite beauty memory/experience?

My grandmother, Irene, always used Charles Of The Ritz makeup. I used to go shopping with her and I was endlessly amazed by the rainbow colours that the lady mixed together to make the face powder, in the shade of my grandmother's skin tone.

How did you get drawn in to the world of skincare?

I have always been interested in the importance of looking after the skin. I have tried and tested many products over the years and became fully aware of the importance of only using products made with natural ingredients.

I also realized that us women have a vast range of products to choose from, but the men in my family did not. I therefore decided to investigate and later to provide a skincare brand that will help tackle men’s skin care challenges, as effectively as women’s facial products have done for decades.

Your kids dubbed you the “Potion Queen". So funny! Any lotion horror stories to share?

I don’t have any horror stories as such, but I do have a funny one. I am a “Fake Tan Fan” for the obvious reasons and years ago when fake tans were the new thing, I tried a new product and...didn’t quite get it right! I went to bed normal and woke up looking like The “Tangoed" man.

Do you have any makeup peeves?

Only that I believe all skin products should be made using natural ingredients. 

Can you tell us about your top 3 products and why they earned their spot in your beauty bag?

One, PHB Ethical Beauty’s Botanical BB Cream. It evens skin tone, gives my skin a great glow and it is water-resistant.

Two, PHB’s All In One Natural Mascara. It’s brilliant! Everything you need from a mascara; it thickens, lengthens and volumizes. Plus, it is water-proof and is made with botanical oils.

Three, Ere Perez Clever Carrot Cheek & Lip Balm. Easy to use, it provides great coverage and it is water-proof.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Look after yourself. And treat everyone how you want to be treated...

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