The Rainbow Renegade: Cosmic Unicornz's Melissa Thyden

The Rainbow Renegade: Cosmic Unicornz's Melissa Thyden

Are you always on the look out for quirky, colorful finds? Ditto. Which is why we were downright overjoyed to come across Cosmic Unicornz.

This vibrant brand sells the creations of Boston-based artist Melissa Thyden. And believe us when we say that her work is incredible; it's unique, visually-stunning and super cute.

Not content to just sit on the knowledge that this uber-awesome shop exists, we opted to chat with Melissa about inspiration sources, her favorite beauty products and everything in between.

p/c:  Chrissy Bulakites  + makeup by Dazirae Reynhart

p/c: Chrissy Bulakites + makeup by Dazirae Reynhart

You wear a lot of hats (designer, stylist, painter, etc.). Where do you find artistic inspiration for all of your endeavors?

It is all my art and it is all connected. I'll be doing a painting on canvas and I'll stop and think that it would be incredible as a t-shirt design. Or I'll be styling an outfit and I will become so inspired that I'll start sketching out a painting.

Sometimes I paint on shoes, hand bags and denim. I recently started having my artwork printed on fabric. When I was younger, I couldn't decide if I wanted to pursue fine art or fashion design. Why not combine them? 

“Cosmic Unicornz” is a super stellar name. How did you come up with it?

I have always been obsessed with unicorns. They are so cool! I grew up with the original My Little Pony series in the late 80s and early 90s. The ridiculous cartoons and neon colors from this era have always inspired my artwork and I knew my brand name had to match. 

Which beauty products are you currently head-over-heels for?

Hmm, so many things! I love, love, love all the wild lipstick colors that are currently out. So many brands make insane colors right now, like blue, yellow, lavender, etc. Jeffree Star Cosmetics' velour liquid lipstick is amazing and I love the colors Blow Pony, Jawbreaker and Queen Supreme

For eyes, I  really love my Urban Decay's ELECTRIC Pressed Pigment Palette. The colors are incredible.

I really want the Angel Baby False Eyelashes by Sugarpill Cosmetics. They are purple! All of Sugarpill's false eyelashes are so cool. I'm drooling over them online right now!

Do bath bombs count as a beauty product? I am blessed to have a really sweet bathtub and I use Lush Handmade Cosmetics' bath bombs all the time. They have this new Intergalactic bath bomb that literally makes the bath water look like an epic galaxy. Search the hashtag #bathart and you will see what I mean.

You clearly have a penchant you all things bright and bold. Besides your own, which brands do you shop at in order to indulge your glittery, pastel-est cravings?

YRU makes some of the coolest shoes I have ever seen. I currently have three pairs. I just got the Qozmo-aiire-light-up-hologram sneakers and they are LIFE. 

I love Valfrè, I think her illustrations/ shirt designs are super adorable. UNIF makes a really cool pastel moto jacket that I adore.

I'm also super inspired by Australian brand DI$COUNT UNIVER$E. And (of course) the famous Moschino by Jeremy Scott. I really want Moschino Barbie! Haha.

Dolls Kill is a great online retailer that carries unbelievably cool brands and clothing. Most of my clothing is from their amazing selection. I'm so excited that they even have a few products from my line on their site.

I also try to shop local/handmade by other artists. Always support the community! 

What hair and makeup looks do you tend to favor in your day-to-day life?

My hair is currently neon yellow by Pravana Chromasilk Neons. It glows under a black light! I usually have a crazy hair color. Braids are really awesome and cute so I'm doing a lot of those for sure. Glitter roots are also fun! It's so easy. I just take loose glitter and use hair gel to apply it along the part in my hair.

For everyday makeup, I like to wear a bold lipstick and mascara. I spend a lot of time in the studio creating, so I try to keep it simple during the day. If I'm going out, or doing a special event, I'll obviously take it a step further!


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