The Romantic: The Beauty Spyglass' Samantha

The Romantic: The Beauty Spyglass' Samantha

The Beauty Spyglass is a splendidly pretty beauty and lifestyle site run by a bold, brilliant blogger named Samantha.

Well, we recently talked it up with her about an array of beauty matters.

You are a self-described "romantic". How does this translate to your makeup style?

My style in terms of makeup is definitely a "less is more” approach. I’m all for letting our natural beauty shine through and so yes, a slightly romantic connection is there; girly and understated works best for me.

What hair & makeup trends are you currently looking forward to trying out?

Hair is our crowning glory—well, I know mine is! I’ve gone from full-on blonde highlights overload, to more recently letting my darker roots grow through and added in some tonal browns to break up the block of blonde, giving that Balayage look.

I like to keep my hair long and so I’m limited when trying new trends but let’s wait and see what Spring brings for my hair!

Tell us about your day-to-day beauty routine. 

I’m a skincare fiend which means I’m fanatical about taking good care of my skin. I always cleanse first thing in the morning and apply a calming serum as I often wake with blotches! After my skin has settled, I apply my facial sun protection. I use a “once a day” formula which makes the perfect base.

I’m not one for heavy makeup and you’ll never see me in full-coverage foundation. I will use either a tinted moisturiser or a super light foundation. A pop of cream blush, mascara and lippy and I’m good to go.

At bedtime, I always remove makeup - without fail. I like to use an oil-based cleanser and If I have time, I’ll use a face mask followed by a facial massage with my favourite oil. Oh, and I religiously exfoliate from head to foot three times a week!

Which hair products could you not bear to live without?

I’d say my salon branded products - I need a good conditioner to cope with my hair and keep it manageable. I always use a heat protectant spray to protect my hair. Other than that, a hair mask a couple of times a week. Plus, I take a hair, skin and nails supplement every day!

Anything else you'd like to add? 

Celebrate who you are! Beauty is not just skin deep.

♢ ♢ ♢

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