The Skin Savior: Jaya Fairchild

The Skin Savior: Jaya Fairchild is a haven for results-obsessed natural beauty enthusiasts. Intrigued by their products, we hopped into a conversation with the company's founder, Jaya Fairchild.

What first inspired you to launch 

I became inspired to create a completely safe and accessible skincare line around the time both my husband and I suddenly found ourselves facing potentially catastrophic health challenges. The decision was a result of realizing the need to find ways to minimize our living expenses and make our savings last as long as possible so we could afford the impending years of our necessary healthcare bills. Until this point, we had been very fortunate to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle which included a pricey skincare regimen. (I had been using a brand that was highly recommended by a doctor with a Beverly Hills address and just for the record, I was never fully satisfied with the results.)

I've been 'blessed' with having less than perfect skin. I've also had a history of health challenges that literally provided a personal experience of just about every skin type under the sun. Over time, each skin issue I experienced could be understood by what was happening with my health internally. However, at this juncture, I would absolutely require topicals that were truly non-toxic. Furthermore, my skin was so dry and tight at this point, I needed something to enable ease of motion without feeling like it would tear or crack from a mere smile. (All the while not breaking me out, which was a tall order.)

I became aware that almost every product available had some degree of toxicity, yet I decided settling on a mediocre solution was never going to be an acceptable option...ever again. I began to expand my thinking to include others who might be in a similar situation and how this void I saw in the market had to be impacting them as well. This all led me to conclude that proper skin care (meaning non-toxic and effective skincare), was absolutely not a luxury but a true necessity for good health and personal comfort. I felt it unfair that anyone should be priced out of safe options. 

We are utterly in awe of your compete and obvious dedication to creating high-quality, fairly-priced beauty buys (and organic/cruelty-free to boot). Tell us about the formulation process for your products, if you don't mind?

Internet searches turned up relatively low prices on ingredients that comprised expensive product labels and nothing seemed right about any of it, on any level whatsoever. And so, I decided to rethink everything about a skincare product from A-Z. After a few years of much work, I was eventually able to come up with a totally safe five-piece beauty regimen for under $2 a day. This was born out of my desire to create something that solved every single problem I had, and others were surely having (even if they weren't yet aware), with skincare...inclusive of the hardest-hit segments of the population, those individuals who might not be able to afford anything beyond their local drugstore.

I later learned even more about the untested, unsafe and unregulated chemicals making it onto those summation what cigarette and lead companies got away with, chemical companies are still getting away with today.

I struggled with my challenging project for quite some time on my own, concurrent with the aforementioned health challenges. It gave me something positive and constructive to focus my mind on during our recoveries. We then hired an award-winning cosmetic chemist with over forty years of experience working for major players..very famous brands in the personal care industry. I became quickly disillusioned however, as the safest preservatives he could recommend were still toxic and unacceptable to me.

I did learn some key information that helped my process, but realized I had to dig much, much deeper and do all my own research if I was to achieve what I set out to do. The majority of my formulating from this point on became a group effort that included insights from both my husband and a dear friend/energy healer with varying degrees of intuition (a faculty I personally find utterly necessary to be successful in any endeavor). This key piece of the process has never failed to further refine the intellectual aspect of my work and elevate a formulation to the very highest level. 

How do you define beauty?

To me, the most beautiful beings I see are the ones with the purest hearts. A pure heart will shine through any physical form, no matter how seemingly "imperfect", in a way no outer manifestation of beauty could ever match. I think the purest experience of beauty is dependent upon an 'inner life'. Our minds, our feelings, our habits, intentions, values and beliefs...everything we allow to shape our character and affect our hearts. These qualities are so much more significant than the outer, therefore to answer your question personal definition of beauty would have to be "pure-hearted".

Getting a bit off track here, but how do you pamper yourself? 

This might come as an odd answer, but choosing certified organic for just about everything I put on, or in my body. "Odd" because I think this really should be the norm and not so hard to obtain, yet in today's world can be quite a challenge to do with all the 'casual experimenting' that occurs with literally imbibing toxins at every turn. After my way-too-long-recovery from toxic poisoning, I am conditioned to no longer consider going completely organic a luxurious choice, but a very necessary one.

We are all facing a heavy environmental assault and must rise to meet the challenge of turning it all around by working together, sharing factual information and voting with our wallets by becoming more conscious of what we are purchasing. This is the fastest way to get vested interests out of our governments where the problems have originated. Large corporations that care more about their bottom line than public health and our environment will not be able to continue on this destructive path if we stop funding with our purchases of toxic products. Everyone's future depends on the choices we are making now and each one of us has the power to make a difference.

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