The Story Of The Not-So-Pink Razor

The Story Of The Not-So-Pink Razor

Once upon a time, I was walking around Target with my boyfriend. He casually mentioned that he needed to pick up some new razors while we were there, as he was out of his.  We ventured down the shaving aisle and I was instantly entranced by pretty colors, floral designs and promises of perfectly shaved legs and underarms.  What more could a girl want?

Although I was being sucked in, we kept walking. This was a mission we were on for my boyfriend, not me. As we got to the section of men’s razors, we stumbled upon a display of Harry's The Truman Razor set.  I thought it was super sleek and it was really affordable. Really, really affordable?  My boyfriend thought the same and put the green handled version in the cart. 

I kept staring at these razors as he was picking out his shaving cream. About $10 for the first blade head and handle, plus two replacement heads?  $16 for a pack of 8 replacement heads?  These weren’t just any razors either, they looked like they were sleek, durable and good quality. I picked up the orange-handled one and put it in the cart.

I got home and took it out of the Target bag, I was nervous. Were men’s razors that different? Would I accidentally slice my leg wide open with this foreign tool?! Afterall, it wasn’t meant for me.

I mustered up some courage, turned on the shower and gave the razor a try.  My verdict? They were fantastic. I didn’t miss the pink, I didn’t miss the weird bar of moisturizer that surrounded my usual razors. (I usually use a little conditioner as “shaving cream” anyway).

I had a smoother shave and spent less money than normal. The first head has actually held up wonderfully so far. It’s been about a two weeks and I still haven’t switched to the second head. It’s still not dull and no signs of rust. I will probably replace it soon anyway, just to be safe.

My boyfriend’s review was similarly positive for using it to shave his face. He, like me, did not miss the “gooey” moisturizing strip which was also included on his old razors.  This razor left his face feeling super smooth and clean. Overall, this is a winning razor! He and I will be buying the replacement heads and splitting them from now on.

This isn’t the only winning men’s product out there! If you’re interested in delving into the mystery of men’s grooming products, check out Bree’s article, #TestedWithLove: A Mysterious 3-In-One Shower Product.

Beauty Dip:  11/12-11/19

Beauty Dip: 11/12-11/19

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