The World Needs More Gingham Nails

The World Needs More Gingham Nails

Nail art has been a huge topic of interest for me lately and one that certainly requires my full attention. There are so many different styles and it seems like each day people find new creative ways to incorporate random things into their nail décor, including some odd things like bubbles or hair.

More recently though, I’ve been obsessing over one particular style that I’m dying to try on myself—and that style is gingham! It makes for beautiful clothes, why shouldn’t we have it on our nails too?

Since Instagram has always been so great at helping me get my point across, I’ve selected some gorgeous designs from talented nail gurus so you can all see for yourselves. Let the gingham revolution begin!

1. TheNailTrail

My favorite thing about gingham is that is allows colors to pop against a white background and these pinky-red ones from @thenailtrail are the perfect example.

2. my_nail_envy

Why not go full on picnic-themed like @my_nail_envy did here and add some fruity stickers? It’s like each one of your nails is a little picnic blanket. Adorable.

3.    jennahipp

Pastels are cute. Gingham is cute. Put those two together and you create a super cute masterpiece, like this one on @jennahipp (done by @stephstonenails). Oh and the single sparkly accent nail is beyond sweet.

4.     jennypnails

Marimekko x Gingham 👌🏼 Polishes used: Sally Hansen Black Out and Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Wonder Mint

A photo posted by Jenny Peloquin (@jennypnails) on

Further proof that gingham nails work shockingly well next to other patterns and styles. Also the dotted stripes on these are super cool and unique! Props to @jennypnails.

5.   justimaginenails

There is a lot going on here and I am ALL about it. I mean, if these uber-fun nails by @justimaginenails don't convince you to try gingham nails, I don’t know what will!

I rest my case. You are welcome to keep surfing the gingham nails tag on Instagram. As for me, I’ll go try this look on myself!

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