The World Of Chocolate Makeup: Etsy Shop Edition

The World Of Chocolate Makeup: Etsy Shop Edition

It is a new year, so I am rolling out a “new me” attitude. I'm hoping that I can involve more bright and dark colors in my makeup looks throughout 2018! Especially products from small shops/sites. 

The main site I turn to for finding unique and handmade items is (not sponsored; I just really like Etsy).

I recently poked around, searching for a perfect shade of brown/"chocolate"-like makeup products and although I don’t often wear many shades of brown, I am dying to purchase and play with these goodies I stumbled upon.

1.  Broomstick Apothecary Mineral Makeup Cocoa Rose Blush

I usually alternate between two blushes that are more on the mauve side, but since it's winter, I thought a blush with a somewhat brown tone would look more natural than a rosy pink color.

This has a subtle hue that seems on the safe side for someone like me who wants an earthy tone "flush" for my light medium-to-beige skin tone.

I also loved the ingredients in this product, such as rice powder! (If you didn’t know, rice powder is great if you’re on the combo to oily skin side; it absorbs oil to work as an exfoliate instead and leaves a silky and natural finish...) Also, this is vegan!

2. SoapArt Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Lip Balm

This contains beeswax, castro oil, vitamin E and shea butter! Did I mention the owner makes each lip balms in small batches with their own recipe?! Pretty impressive, I'd say.

The other lip balm options include mocha, toffee and even bacon! You can also opt for an unflavored balm instead. Or their lotions...

3.  Kmms Mineral Eyeshadow in Dark Chocolate Brown

At first glimpse, this loose mineral eye shadow reminded me of a savory brownie. It's a mineral eye shadow with hints of pink and gold shimmer. Lovely.

Oh and OverallBeauty's items are also cruelty-free and vegan! Samantha adored them back in the day, by the way.

4.  Fabled Fragrances Talisman Liquid Lipstick

A chocolate brown liquid lipstick which leaves a matte look, with a “smudge, water and transfer proof” formula and a creamy texture to boot. 

Dig in.


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