3 Acceptable Excuses For Sleeping In Makeup

3 Acceptable Excuses For Sleeping In Makeup

I know what you’re thinking. “There is no acceptable excuse for sleeping in makeup.” And I hear you. I really do.

However, after some deep evaluation and brain racking, I have come up with three situations in which it is A-okay to catch some zzzzzs without cleaning your canvas. And, believe me, you’ll be seeing the world through different eyes after you’re done reading this.

1. During A Zombie Apocalypse

Imagine you’re out and about minding your own business when suddenly chaos ensues. You look around and realize that the world has been overtaken by zombies. Brainnnnns and all that jazz.

Chances are you’ll be too busy trying to find shelter and, well, avoiding being eaten alive to worry about your makeup. Also, what if you can’t get back home to grab your makeup remover wipes because the streets are filled with zombies? I personally wouldn’t risk it.

There’s also the possibility you won’t even be sleeping at all so. (P.S: If I don’t have my dark circles concealed people will probably think I’m one of them and try to kill me soooo...)

2. If You’re Going Into Cryogenic Sleep


I don’t know about you guys but if I were an astronaut on my way to visit Mars, I’d want to look my best for the historical, groundbreaking moment. I mean there’ll probably be cameras, right?

Or maybe I just want to look good for the aliens we’ll most certainly find. Thing is your trip will most likely involve you going to sleep for a long period of time while your body is sort of frozen, in cryogenic sleep. Because you know, science. All I know is I’d rather be ready to go when I wake up than have to wait to put my makeup on before going to explore.  

3. If You Are The President


You’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever been in this relatable position. Being in charge of a nation means you have to be ready for anything at all times, but your hectic schedule might interfere with your makeup removal routine every now and then.

Presidents may not even have time to sleep at all and they can suddenly find themselves having to address the public without previous warning. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. I watch Veep.

All I’m trying to say is no one would blame you if you went to sleep with your makeup on. But only if you're the president. 

See? I told you. Anyway, come back soon for more silly and non-silly beauty talk.


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