Tidy Up: Cleaning Out Your Makeup Bag With Nikki Hynek

Tidy Up: Cleaning Out Your Makeup Bag With Nikki Hynek

When faced with the prospect of shifting and sorting through an overstuffed and cluttered makeup bag, many of us simply opt to dump out its entire contents, grab exactly what we are searching for and then haphazardly shove everything back into said bag.

However, one woman decided that enough was enough when it came to dealing with ever-messy and disorganized makeup bags and subsequently dreamt up a super cute, brilliantly-designed cosmetic case that allows for compact, neat transportation of an assortment of beauty items.

This woman is Dollup case creator and Dollup Beauty founder Nikki Hynek.

Inspired by this makeup artist/aesthetician’s go-getter attitude towards tackling terribly arranged makeup bags, we decided to pump her for a few tips on this very topic.


Stripping it down to “bare minimal essentials”, which types of products do you think deserve a spot in everyone’s makeup bags?

Definitely powder & a brush to touch-up afternoon shine, your favorite lipstick, eyeliner & mascara to take a look from day to night, blush, concealer and brow pencil.  

There is a super cute “how-to depot products” video up on your site. Do you have any other handy tricks for lightening on-the-go makeup stashes?

Stick to your core products; only carry your go-to necessary products. Take inventory. If you keep carrying a product (say a bronzer) and you find your self never using it, then take it out.

Using multi-use products also saves space. I like using two-sided brushes or a two-sided concealer.  And, obviously since we added it into our Dollup Case, using magnets is the BEST way to streamline any bag.

Generally speaking, why do you think so many women are reluctant to toss out old cosmetics?

Value and the 'someday' emotion.  When tossing anything out—clothes, makeup, shoes—there's that slight hesitation because you know how much you've paid for it and it seems like a waste to toss it.  No one likes throwing away money!

Also, I think women hold onto things for what I call the 'someday' emotion; that feeling that as soon as you toss it, you might need it!  

You obviously have this organization thing down pat. On that note, we’d love to know what’s in your makeup bag! Do you mind sharing this with us?

Yes, of course!  My everyday case contains my current favorite products, including our Matte Lip Spread. They are so creamy, dry matte and stay put all day long!

I also have Urban Decay's PERVERSION MascaraHakuhodo powder brushAnastasia Beverly HillsBrow Wiz in Taupe, Doll Eyes Liquid Eyeliner PenMarc JacobsDecadence (in an on-the-go rollerball), Eco Lipslip balmsBobbi Brown CosmeticsIlluminating Bronzing Powder In ArubaBECCA CosmeticsShimmering Skin Perfector® Pressedour Blushy Dollup Beauty's Long-Lasting Blusher In LiltColorblock Concealer Creme and a few neutral pan eyeshadows. And that's pretty much it!

Anything else you’d like to add?  

When you organize your makeup, you organize your life!  Seriously, it's proven that once you start organizing in one area of your life, it trickles over into other areas.  


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