Tress Transformer: Pamela Payne

Tress Transformer: Pamela Payne

Pamela Payne is a hair artist in ever sense of the word. Her ability to weave incredible colors together keeps us continually awestruck and her work (which she often splashes across her Instagram) is endlessly enchanting.

Unsurprisingly, we tossed a few questions her way, which she was lovely enough to answer. 


What first drew you into the world of hair artistry?

I was kind of a strange, quiet kid. I was always more interested in colouring or trying to draw than being around other kids. When I was about 6 years old, my mother let me go with her to the city to get her hair done. It was my first time in an upscale salon and I felt like I had found my people. The scents, the chatter, the beautiful people, everything drew me in. From that day on there was no turning back and shortly after I turned 16 years old, I began hairdressing school.

Your coloring "style" is pretty unique, especially when it comes to bright, non-natural hues! How did you develop your eye for what colors and methods will work and what won't?

The majority of my colour combinations come from closely observing nature. When I say closely I mean macro style. Studying the fine intricate details that you don't normally pay attention to regularly.

For example; insects, there are some beetles that may look black but on closer inspection are actually blues, greens and purples. Or the way a bird that looks green has blues, pinks and yellows in a feather. The way a semi-transparent wing closed on top of a body creates a whole different colour.

Through my life of painting hair and on paper and canvas, I have learned what layers of colour will work being layered on top of each other and which will drab each other out. When possible I do like to combine the colours on the hair itself and not always in the

Can you tell us about a hair color end result that you are especially proud of?

This actually happened quite recently. I like to create a story and a feeling through the hair and I really wanted to portray a heartbeat. I had come up with a few ways of doing it but they would be very time intensive and I wasn't positive it would end how I wanted. I was literally just about to touch my brush to the hair when I had an "aah-hah" moment and everything fell into place in a whole different way. I was thrilled with the outcome and it took half the time my other methods may have.

Do you have any beauty-related words of wisdom that you'd like to share?

Trust your colorist! There are reasons that you cannot achieve certain colours in one appointment. Please listen when they recommend certain products. We are trying to keep your hair and colour in the best shape possible and to protect your colour investment!

Anything else you'd like to add?

Always be true to yourself. Don't be afraid to explore, have adventures, and make mistakes.

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment" - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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