Tried & True Tactics For Tackling Bang-Related Hair Issues

Tried & True Tactics For Tackling Bang-Related Hair Issues

Ah, bangs. I’ve had mine for almost a year now and let me tell you…they may be little, but they are fierce—fierce as in fiercely disobedient. Let’s just say that they have a deep love for the anti-gravity look, whereas I do not.

Since they love acting out so much, I have learned quite a few good tips and tricks to keeping them looking managed and cute.

So, if you’re thinking about bangs, or just got them and are looking for some guidance, keep reading! Let me share my gems I have learned along the way!  


Never, ever, ever sleep on wet bangs. Ever. Unless you want to wake up and half your bangs resemble someone who stuck their finger in a socket in a cartoon, avoid wet bangs as you go to bed at all costs. Take the five minutes to blow them dry, even if you leave the rest of your hair to air-dry. This will make ALL the difference in the world. Even though they may not be perfect when you wake up, they will be so much easier to fix/manage/hide. Trust me on this.

2. Invest In A Mini Straightener

I highly recommend the Conair Infiniti Pro 3/4" Mini Flat Iron. This —or whichever one you end up opting for—is going to be a lifesaver.

A mini straightener will be small enough to reach and straighten even the tiniest of your baby hairs and bangs and can straighten out any curls or waves you have going on up there.

Plus, since it’s tiny you can stash it in your purse for midday touchups (helloooo humidity).

Carry around a comb to re-work them once you straighten them, stubborn-hair-havers. Not to mention, the comb is also great for touchups.

3. Blow Dry Them Before You Do The Rest Of Your Hair

This is definitely a must. Your bangs will dry quicker than the rest of your hair, so if you’re intending on blow-drying your hair, you need to start with them. I can’t tell you how many times I have saved them for last, had them dry looking absolutely nuts and had to go re-wet them just to save them. Too many.

Start by blow-drying them into perfection, then move on to the rest of your hair. It’ll lock in that perfectly styled look, no matter what you do to blow dry the rest of your hair. And remember, if you mess them up, water can and should be used to salvage the situation.

Bangs sans issues make for a happy head of hair, no? And once you get the hang of handling them, they are seriously so much fun, I promise. 

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