Veet® Hair Removal Cream: Even More Annoying Than Just F***ing Shaving, It Turns Out

Veet® Hair Removal Cream: Even More Annoying Than Just F***ing Shaving, It Turns Out

I am almost-always searching for methods to keep my hairiness at bay. For a while, I was very into epilators. They hurt...kind of a lot. But they worked for me. However, after a year, the model I had picked up had finally run its course and I tossed it away, thinking that finding a replacement would be a piece of cake.

Oh, how wrong I was. Every other option I have accumulated in my beauty cabinet pales in comparison. So much pain! Plus, they leave hairs behind. What is the point of powering through the suffering if I am not going to be left with silky smooth skin, huh?!

Now, I shave and it is not a task that I enjoy, leading me to seriously contemplate springing for laser hair removal. However, the hefty price tag and not-completely-guaranteed results make me hesitent. 

The other day, I picked up Veet®'s Hair Removal Cream, selecting the version that is geared towards sensitive skin for what are, by now, probably obvious reasons. 

Veet ®'s  Hair Removal Cream   (price varies by retailer)

Veet®'s Hair Removal Cream (price varies by retailer)

I have since tried it out. And, uhhhh, I have quite a lot of thoughts.

The scent isn't great. To me, it smells like puberty because my growing pains were accompanied by many, many Nair applications. However, it is basically chemicals burning the hairs off of my body, so what're you going to do?

The thing that flummoxed me the most is that hair removal technology seems to be moving backwards! How is it that, decades ago, one merely had to smear a lotion-like substance onto yourself to remove unwanted fuzz and now one has to do this and then "shave" with a plastic applicator? It defies logic, I feel.

All in all, I was very disappointed in this product. It ended up being more time-consuming than just wielding a razor in the first place. Many hairs were left behind and the product's "skin-softening" ingredients also means that you cannot easily remove the patches with a razor afterwards.

It also left my skin red and bumpy, but I suppose that this is par for the course. Oh well. 

Basically, this may be a godsend to others, but I was very unimpressed with the end-result and it didn't seem worth the amount of effort it required. Also, my hair is growing back at the same rate as usual, so...

That said, I might try out their ready-to-use waxing strips in the near future. I might even make a video of this endeavor, for kicks and giggles.

See you again soon!

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