What It Takes To Be A “10” In Colombia

What It Takes To Be A “10” In Colombia

Different places and cultures give way for different beauty standards around the world. These are the physical attributes or characteristics that people perceive as being “beautiful” and they vary from country to country. Many studies have been done on this particular subject, resulting in a common image representing the ideals of what we consider “attractive".

I decided to run my own mini-version of these studies and ask the people around me what they thought the perfect Colombian woman would look like, even though I have a pretty good idea as a Colombian woman myself. I wanted to get different opinions from both men and women in the country, as well as outside, so I also asked some of my American friends to see how people abroad perceived us. These were the results:

1. Curvy/Voluptuous

This was the answer I got the most and it is something I’ve always known. This usually means big boobs and a big butt, but with a thin abdomen. These traits, as we know, are sometimes hard to achieve naturally; which is why beauty standards in general are more than often considered unrealistic. My city, Medellin, is especially known for its ever-thriving cosmetic surgery industry.

2. Tan/Olive Skin

We have such a beautiful population consisting of individuals with almost every skin tone out there. However, the ideal skin tone for a beautiful Colombian woman seems to be “perfectly tan".

3. Straight And Dark Hair

I’ve noticed for the few past years that it’s not unusual for some girls in Colombia to embrace their natural hair. However, hair straightening has become part of many, many women’s daily routine and I’ve personally known some that have permanently gotten rid of their curly locks.

People also seem to appreciate brunettes more than blondes or redheads, generally-speaking.

4. Pretty Eyes


Also described as “incredible” and “big”. And “blue/green is a plus".

5. Beautiful Smile


Nice teeth and lips. A lovely smile is highly prized in Colombian culture, evidently.

So these are pretty much the Colombian beauty standards. But is possessing all of these listed qualities REALLY what women should be aspiring to? I don’t think so.

No matter where we’re from, I think we’re all beautiful in our own way. It’s important to encourage women and girls (and men) to do what makes them feel beautiful, instead of setting ideals for how they should look based on arbitrary societal constructs. 

This was a fun little experiment to do, but I think I’m going to stick with my very pale complexion and my non-existent curves.

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