Wish List: 5 Products I'm Currently Eyeing

Wish List: 5 Products I'm Currently Eyeing

I think it’s safe to say every single one of us beauty lovers has a makeup wishlist tucked in somewhere. It’s probably filled with lots of stuff that most of us can’t afford to get in one batch, but that we’re definitely planning on trying out some day. Items may come and go, but the list is never empty.

I’m here to show you some of the items on my current makeup wishlist and talk a little bit about why I want to try these products so badly.

1. NarsRadiant Creamy Concealer

This one’s currently at the top of my wishlist and I will hopefully be getting it soon. Some of you might know I’ve been struggling to find the perfect concealer for me, one with great coverage for my really dark circles and a nice, non-creasy formula. This guy is a cult classic and one of the most hyped in the category, so I really want to give it a shot. Fingers crossed!

2. Glossier Cloud Paint Cream Blush

This product is definitely the most recent addition to the list. It’s basically a gel-cream blush that you just dab on your cheeks with no need of a brush or sponge, so it’s like finger painting! It looks super natural and it gives you that “flushed cheeks” look, which is usually what I go for when it comes to blush.

3. LUSH’s Grease Lightning

LUSH ’s  Grease Lightning   ($14.95)

LUSH’s Grease Lightning ($14.95)

Not exactly a makeup product, but there are several skincare items that make an appearance on the list and this is one of them. It’s supposed to be a spot treatment that will get rid of those annoying pimples overnight. While that last statement might be an exaggeration, I think it’s definitely worth trying out, especially since none of the dermatologist-recommended stuff I have seems to be working anyway. The struggle, am I right?

4. Urban Decay’s Naked Ultimate Basics

Just dear ol’ me wanting to own more eyeshadow palettes than I actually need. But there’s something so alluring about an all-matte palette, and the shades are so, so, so nice. Not much to say other than I just really want it to be part of my collection!

5. Too Faced's Lip Injection Extreme Long Lasting Lip Plumper

It all comes down to me not really knowing if lip plumpers do work or not and wanting to test one out. But this one has pretty decent reviews and I do love Too Faced as a brand. Even if it ends up doing nothing plumping wise, who doesn’t love a nice gloss? Plus, it's less risky than going under the knife and risking ending up with a horrifying situation.

Alrighty, that’s it for now but the list definitely doesn’t end there. Meet up later for part two? As always, share your thoughts with me through Twitter and Instagram

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