Worth The Hype?: KKW Beauty Crème Contour & Highlight Kit

Worth The Hype?: KKW Beauty Crème Contour & Highlight Kit

If you guys have read even half of an article of mine, you have probably garnered that I am a huge fan of Kim K. So, I was extremely excited when she put out her Crème Contour & Highlight Kit.

I mean, this woman basically invented contour. I was definitely interested in seeing how her product turned out, so I shelled out the 60$ (60! 48 for the kit, + shipping and handling, so yes, it is quite pricey) and a few days later—props for the quick delivery—a package was on my doorstep.

The kit came in a simple rose pink, airtight, resealable plastic bag., which I appreciated for hygiene's sake...and fact that the bag made sure the contour didn't melt. There was a little note from Kim and it all looked very elegant and well put-together.

So, the actual kit comes with two crayon type pens that are both dual-ended. One is the contour stick (with two shades of brown) and the other is the highlighting stick, which includes a matte highlight and a shimmer highlight. There is also a dual-ended brush-sponge tool.

I ordered the deep dark shade. I did a trial application on my friend (please excuse the messy contouring!) for practice and for fun.

Next up, we have my process photos. I had no makeup (foundation, concealer, etc.) on underneath.

I loved it! It looks amazing! So radiant and natural and sculpted.

The brush was smooth, but a little tough to blend with. I recommend touching up with your fingers instead. The texture of the products is very, very creamy. Most brushes just won't cut it.

The sponge had quite a hard feel to it, but worked decently to blend the shimmer after adding some water to the sponge. But I’ll always be partial to my beloved beautyblender®.

A few myths about this product, debunked:

“The product is too small for the price.”

It may seem small, but it's so pigmented, you barely need much. A small bit goes a long way, so there's enough product, in my opinion.

“The stick breaks easily.”

You need a light hand for contouring! This process with this level of pigmentation and cream truly requires a feather touch.

“The makeup doesn't blend well or sit properly.”

It actually blends really seamlessly and it sits comfortably on the face. You can't feel it at all! It looks very natural and light and when you wash it off, your skin feels sooooo soft.

I am pretty pleased with Kim; I think this product is going to be my go-to when I want to glow!

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