Your Map To The World Of Unconventional Colored Mascaras

Your Map To The World Of Unconventional Colored Mascaras

Everyone has their favorite, holy grail, can’t-live-without-it mascara. Mine is CoverGirl's The Super Sizer by LashBlast in Black. And when I run out, I tend to dash to the store and head straight towards the section where this mascara is kept without even a passing glance at the other selections.

However, I have to admit that some other mascaras have been catching my eye lately. Not just mascara brands, mind you, but mascara colors. And I was curious. What would it be like to, say, have pink eyelashes? So I started playing around and looking at different products and this is what I’ve found.

Chanel's Inimitable Intense Mascara

When I first closed my eyes and visualized "colored mascara", pictures of unnaturally bright, neon-colored lashes popped into my mind. But I have since learned that there are SO many more demure color options out there.

I found this amazing mascara from Chanel called Inimitable Intense inguess what color? —purple! It’s a beautiful, deep purple too so it looks quite natural upon application. It is not glaringly blatant that your mascara is purple because it really looks nice and understated, but you’ll have your own little secret. How cool would it be to go about your day knowing that your eyelashes are purple?! I love it.

Bonus: If your lashes are lighter, this shade looks less harsh than black does! 

NYX Cosmetics' Pink Petals Mascara

Your colored mascara doesn’t need to be that high-end. If you’re ready to branch out, try the Pink Petals Mascara from NYX Cosmetics.

Since this color is so bright, make sure to be color conscious of your other makeup hues. Personally, I’d go with a sweep of brown eyeliner and a pretty neutral lipstick. Let your eyes shine!

Hard Candy's 1000 Lashes Mascara in Indigo

Hard Candy 's  1000 Lashes Mascara in Indigo   (price varies by retailer)

Hard Candy's 1000 Lashes Mascara in Indigo (price varies by retailer)

For a really dramatic, statement-making look, try this bright blue mascara. 

I love this shade because I think it could amp up the classic cat eye and ruby lips look by adding a little touch of color. Plus, it would look great on any eye color.

Oh and it you want just a bit of shimmer, opt for Lash Tinsel Mascara in Gold Mine/Gold Digger (also from Hard Candy).

Accentuate your lashes by applying this glittery gold shade to just the tips of your eyelashes! Beware of using a gold mascara all over, as it can make them appear shorter and no one wants shorter eyelashes! This would look amazing with a bronze-y smokey eye and some lip gloss, right?

Anyway, the main takeaways from my exploration is that the most important component of finding the colored mascara of your dreams is to make sure that the pigmentation and consistency of a given option is to your liking.

And always curl your lashes pre-application. Duh.

Also, if you’re going with a pastel lash shade, think about keeping the rest of your makeup simplistic and neutral. If the color is darker and more vivid, playing it up for a bold look would be a lot of fun. Think about how the color will accentuate your eye color and skin tone. Above all, have fun experimenting and do what makes you feel amazing!

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