Your No-Nonsense Guide To Dealing With Common Skin Issues: WOC Edition

Your No-Nonsense Guide To Dealing With Common Skin Issues: WOC Edition

If your mother is anything like mine, she used cocoa butter for everything when you were a kid. Now that we are older though, most of us have come to realize that, unfortunately, cocoa butter can’t actually solve all of our skin problems. Heck, not even coconut oil can solve all our problems.

From hyperpigmentation to dark eye circles to scarring, what products are there for women of color to minimize these skin issues? 

Well, here are some of my top tricks for keeping your skin fresh and flawless while simultaneously combating our most common skin concerns.


We almost all suffer from this, but the level of severity varies person by person.

While your first instinct may be to cover this up, a better route is to treat hyperpigmentation so that you don’t have to hide it beneath layers and layers of foundation.

The best way to do this? Adding a Vitamin C-based serum to your skincare routine lineup. It’s a gentle, yet effective way to lighten up acne scars, sun spots and (slowly but surely) even out one’s skin tone.

Another hyperpigmentation-rebuffing strategy is to use sunscreen. For whatever reason, I’ve heard many people say that women of color don’t need to wear sunscreen. Umm…totally false.

It’s 2016 and by now everyone should be aware that sunscreen is necessary for everyone. We are not immune to aging, nor are we doing our acne scars and hyperpigmentation any favors by not protecting our skin from the sun.

Plus, if you’re spending money on skin tone-evening treatments, you should make sure that you are protecting this investment by slathering on (and frequently reapplying) sunscreen every single day.


My number one rule mantra here is “DON’T BE PICKY!” By that, I mean, don’t pick at your acne—don’t pick at your skin, period.

Picking at skin leads to scars and these scars have a tendency to be more apparent on women of color because of the melanin in our skin. So fun. right?

When you pick at acne, that mark will stick with you until it eventually fades but it takes FOREVER to do so on its own. If you have an annoying pimple or a lot of acne that just won’t quit, try increasing your water intake and be sure to take time with properly cleansing your skin.

Also, I know I’m repeating myself here, but seriously consider adding a Vitamin C serum. It really is the answer to a lot of skin woes.

Dark Undereye Circles

I got ‘em and it’s a far from uncommon trait. The best plan of action is to invest in an eye cream. I’m not saying anything super crazy expensive but I’m also not saying drugstore-variety either.

Covering these with concealer may help you feel more confident, but it’s not exactly helping to eliminate the dark circles. Plus, merely shrouding them in makeup can lead to other skin issues. Be proactive about this and try out a few different dermatologist-recommended options to see which one works best for you.

Color Solutions/Color Correcting

Color-correcting will be your new best friend. I promise. I too was skeptical at first, but I soon realized how beneficial this practice was, as it made me way less conscious about my skin problems as I was working on treating them.

While it depends on how much color-correcting your skin requires, those with darker skin tones typically will want to reach for an apricot, peachy or orange color-corrector.

There are a lot of beautiful color-correctors available on the market right now, but those geared towards women of color are relatively few and far between. Be sure to do some experimenting to find the right color for YOU.

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