Your Perfect Shade Of Red

Your Perfect Shade Of Red

Is there anything sexier than a red lip?

Not only do you turn the heads of strangers passing by, but it’s definitely an amazing, instant confidence-booster, don’t you agree?

Whether you're going on Valentine’s Day date with your husband, boo, your buddies, or a fun night out with the kiddos, your red lips will have you looking gorgeous, standing out from a mile away.

While some of us might feel that all shades of red are created equal, there is actually a perfect shade of red that compliments your skin tone flawlessly.

So, let’s get down to what shade of red suits you the most for that perfect night.

Cool Skin Toned Beauties

If you burn within the first 20 minutes while out in the sun, then you are in the cool skin tone club.

If you’re still not sure, then go out into the sunlight, turn your wrist up and look at the color of your veins. If your veins are blue, then ta-da, you are cool-toned. Lastly, think of the kind of jewelry you’re attracted to. If you go for the silver, then raise your hand; this is you.

Lip shades that suit your tone, you guessed it, cool. You want the cool toned red lipstick. If you’re going for the matte look, then you have to try Fenty Beauty MATTEMOISELLE in the shade MA'DAMN, need I say more? This semi matte lipstick has an incredible creamy texture that glides on your lips oh-so-smoothly!

Okay, I know, not all of us are team matte; some of us enjoy the glossy gloss look instead. Island Kiss Lip's Peurto Berry Blush Organic Lip Balm (and I'm not the only one who is a fan of this brand's offerings...)

This beautiful cool tone red gloss that is not only cruelty-free, it is also petroleum-free, non-toxic, sulphate-free, vegetarian, paraben-free, ingestible, recyclable & organic.

Warm Skin Toned Beauties

So, if burning in the sun equals cool tone then tanning equals warm tones? Yes, if you tan instead of burn, you have a high chance of being a warm-tone beauty.

Another thing you can do to determine this is the sun and the vein test. Go outside and with your wrist up, look and see what color your veins are. If they are green, then you’re warm toned. Also, if your favorite jewelry is gold, you are probably in the warm family.

Red lipstick in warm shades tend to duit you the best. I happen to love Kosås' Thrillest lipstick. The bold orangey red color lipstick is made with all natural ingredients like green tea and grape seed oils. Your lips will adore it!

The perfect matte alternative, for the ones that prefer a matte finish, is NARS lipstick in Heat Wave. You will cause a heatwave as you enter the room!

NARS   Heat Wave   ($28)

NARS Heat Wave ($28)

This highly-pigmented bad boy will have you looking sophisticated and chic, as soon as you apply it.

Neutral Skin Toned Beauties

We have covered cool skin tone, warm skin tone, and now it’s the neutral skin tone’s turn. The easiest way to determine if you are neutral is if you don’t tan that much when going outside during the summer or you might burn at first but you tan within one day...then you are neutral.

You can also do the vein and the sun test. If you see that your veins are neither strikingly blue nor strikingly green but rather a mix of the two then you are neutral. Lucky you!

Rimmel’s Oh My Gloss in Red Rebel has that perfect cool red finish that I love. I’m a texture girl and what I love about this lip gloss is that it isn’t sticky at all.

This fruity, shiny and moisturizing lip gloss is known to last up to 6 hours. 

Rimmel ’s  Oh My Gloss  in Red Rebel  (price varies by retailer)

Rimmel’s Oh My Gloss in Red Rebel (price varies by retailer)

If you want to be a little more daring, than I suggest Bruja by Urban Decay. Bruja is a lipstick top coat that will unleash your inner diva. This makes for an excellent top coat over glosses, matte lipsticks, metallic lipsticks or creamy lipsticks.

Which one will you be wearing tonight?

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