What To Try At Glossier

What To Try At Glossier

Highly regarded as a favorite brand of millennials (or even the millennial's Estee Lauder), Glossier is a pastel-clad skincare and cosmetics brand that emphasizes everyday essentials.

Headquartered in New York, Glossier has one flagship store and recently held a pop-up in San Francisco.

If you scroll through Glossier’s Insta or website, it’s easy to see that they focus much more on breezy natural looks—not bold, in-your-face, over-the-top ones. 

Looking to try Glossier for yourself? Great. Here are some products that I’d recommend!

1. Boy Brow

Glossier   Boy Brow  ($16)

This is a brow pomade, made to thicken and groom brows. Personally, I like using it after I’ve already drawn in eyebrows with my ABH DIPBROW® Pomade to keep them in place. Without drawing them in, Boy Brow helps to fill out natural brows.

As the brand notes, it’s great for a natural clean brow look. I wouldn’t suggest this if you’re looking for a night out eyebrows POW vibe, but rather just to fill in some more hairs. I would compare this to Benefit’s Gimmie Brow.

2. Stretch Concealer 

This concealer is so creamy. It spreads on skin like a dream and blends in very easily. This is great as an under-eye concealer and for those days when I don’t feel like wearing foundation.

However, I hate dipping my finger in the jar and applying it with my hand! It spreads a lot better with a concealer brush, which you’d need to buy somewhere else. Also, this concealer is very light, so don’t expect to cover any really dark blemishes.

3. Cloud Paint

Probably the most vivid product at Glossier, Cloud Paint is an airy, gentle, beautiful liquid blush. It’s very buildable and every color is absolutely gorgeous. They range from peach to a dark pink, which glides on skin and leaves a healthy glow. I think they have amazing staying power. The only downside is each tube is pretty small and it’s easy to squeeze too much out when applying.

4. Lidstar

  Glossier   Lidstar   ($18)

 Glossier Lidstar ($18)

Lidstars are super soft liquid eyeshadows that come in a few cosmic shades. These are very subtle colors that are great to add a little tinted sparkle to your day-to-day eye look.

Now, these aren't for everyone, as they are extremely delicate and sheer. It’s a bit deceiving when you swatch them, as opposed to dabbing it on your eyelid.

Tip: Apply a primer on your lids beforehand; this will make the color a bit more pigmented.

Do you have a different favorite product from Glossier that we should try? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter!

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